He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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By the time I got next to him,
the flower was already done for;
With the petals scattered in the wind,
it now lay lifeless in the man's hand.

"I've never imagined you'd be the type
to believe in superstition."

and what might you be doing here?"

"What happened to your voice—?"

The man frowned.

"Did you, perhaps,
forget me?"

A pair of amber eyes
stared back at me

in question.

"Pht. What a joke.
But then again, what did I expect?
Your brain must be the size of a beansprout."



[A/N] Hello, and sorry for the lack of updates lately. A bunch of things happened and my time shrunk. Anyway, thank you so much for still being around and reading this piece. It really does make me happy to see your name pop in my notifications. ♥

And now, before I leave, I'd like to ask a question: WHO do you think the man is? I honestly can't wait for your answers and theories. x3 G'day to all~~~~

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