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The same annoying clock-alarm-like sound filled the room
and dull white met my gaze. Awoken
from my dream, I pondered on the place
the man took me to.


       A piercing pain spread all over
                         my head.

Unable to recall the memory,
I struggled to face reality.

Moon rays fought their way in
through the half-opened windows. A cold breeze
blew through the curtains,

reaching up to me,
making me shiver.

Slowly, I pulled the covers away,
and one step at a time,

I descended.

The flip-flops
traced marks of a sound
so strange

it made me wonder
where I truly was.

               "Return to me-"

The man's voice echoed in my head,
casting its request.

Startled by the sudden intrusion,
I turned away from the window;
On my nightstand, a bouquet of lilies
rested peacefully.


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