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The cat's voice resounded, louder than thunder, filling in the placid atmospherefrom before

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The cat's voice resounded,
louder than thunder,
filling in the placid atmosphere
from before.

"My gift~"
From the inside, another voice echoed a reply. Soon after,
peaceful steps swept the floor,
and a second later, a kiss was planted
on the top of my head.

The small cat in front of me brushed its nose against
my hand, while the black cat in the yard continued
to curse under his breath.

"What the drain is wrong with you?!"

"Hey guys, easy now..." I interrupted while
petting the black and white
kitten on the head. "What did you say
the postman brought?"

Letting out a sigh, the cat threw a thick
envelope on the terrace.

"What's that?" The man questioned
picking it up. "Oh, it's from the readers!"

"Move it, you stupid cat; that's my spot!"

"Someone's jealous,
I see."
The man teased.

"Shut up!"

"Can we, please, open the envelope? I'm
curious as to what they have to say..."

"I'm sure they're mad at HER killing me off." The cat
threw a glance towards the sky.

"That only showed how weak you were. If you were strong enough,
you'd have taken her out of this world,
wouldn't you now?"

"Guys, guys,
easy now."

["Shouldn't you open that letter now? I'm running out of time and my dear readers will think I never keep my promises. So open the flipping letter already!"]

After the sudden rumble,
silence fell.

"...she talked..."

"OMG- Cosette talked!!!"

"I hope the next thing she does is killing off that
voiceless fur ball."
The angry cat grunted.

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