Fleeting Butterfly

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A lonely white butterfly
led my steps through the forest—
new paths opening before my feet.

Deep voices resounded
from within the purple colored
trees as I walked ahead.

They all called my name
in unison.

They all cautioned

In my insanity,
I moved on.

I left my body
sway ahead
on the path of destruction.

                                                                  ♣ ♣ ♣

[A/N] Hey there lovelies. I'm sorry for the super duper late and short update. (Please don't kill me! I'll write more soon; I hope.) I'm really trying to make my updates as regular as I can, but unfortunately, life (procrastination) always gets the best of me, and whoops, this author-chan forgot to log in and write. Anyway, I would like to say thanks for still sticking with me and following the story! It means a lot to me, it really does! So thank you, once again! ♥

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