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On the window sill, bathed in moonlight,
a black and white kitten gazed through the curtains.

"How did you get up here, little one?" I asked,
casting the windows entirely open. "Would it be okay
if I petted you?"

The kitten stared at me in confusion,
leaving out another "mew".

"You're so pretty." I commented as I extended my hands out
to pet the kitten. "Do you have an owner?"

Without a protest, the lovely creature left itself
be carried inside, into my arms.

"Hmm... or are you a stray? Why is there no collar around
your neck? Poor little soul...."

With the kitten in my arms, I walked back to the bed
and plopped on it. As I continued to pet the small furry
animal, I drifted back into my thoughts.

             Why do I keep dreaming about the same man
                                   over and over again?
                                             What is it
                                that he wants from me?

The same old questions
invaded my mind, to which a new one added—

                                              Why is it that I can hear him still
                                                                                             once I am awake? 

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