Drowning in Your Tears

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My eyes closed on their own accord, casting a dim light of betrayal all over me.

I wished I could live. But there was no going back now; all of my struggles were in vain. There was certainly no way in which one could change their destiny.

In this cruel world,
my existence ceased with an irrevocable kiss of death.


[A/N] Yo. Cosette here (I bet I was forgotten, but just in case there is anyone else still reading this... here I go). I wonder how much time passed ever since I last made my appearance around here? Hmm, a lot. That's for sure. God, so many things happened, and honestly, in between the school work and all the other million things I had to worry about, I've somehow kinda lost connection to my writing. Imagine the tragedy. Ugh. I've truly tried to come back and write some new chapters for both "Pulse" and "Vibrance" but my motivation got so low, you can't even imagine. I have no idea why. I guess I was burned out? And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't write one thing. Not a single one. Horrible, I know, but oh well. Things like these happen, right? It's all part of a cycle. Anyway, today I've decided to try again. I still remember what direction this story was going in but since such a long time has passed since I last updated it, things are a little hazy for me now. And although I don't remember all the details (I'll have to read my own story pfft), I will still try to update it these days (hopefully). I guess all I need is to just write and write and write until my writing won't feel as crappy anymore. I've gathered tons of rust pfft.

But yeah. Anyway, I am so sorry to you, all of my readers (occasional or not), and I hope you can forgive me. >< (I don't plan on scrapping the story; I'll for sure complete it, though I have no idea in how much time... I'm sorry T-T)

PS: Thank you for 5k+ readings! God, that sure did surprise me. >< I feel like I should do something to celebrate it, but idk what. Welp? (Besides the ton of updates I already owe you pfft.)

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