Through the Forest of Dreams

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I walked through the woods,
hoping to find the unknown.

Little by little,
a new world revealed itself
to me.


By the end of the forest line,
a gap opened,
allowing the crystal clear water to run through.

"You're finally here,"

From across the shore,
a boy smiled to me,

"my dear."

A peaceful breeze
caressed my silhouette,
sending a thousand leaves to the sky.


[A/N] Oh, hello. I am sorry for my long, long, very long absence. Loads of things kept happening and I found myself unable to come back here and actually write something, anything. Honestly, even now, as I tried to write this small chapter, I struggled. I struggled because I couldn't even remember clearly what I wanted to do next. All I had was a dim memory and no words to describe it. Yet. One way or another, an update has been made. This, I suppose, is the good news. The bad news is that I literally have no idea when I'll be writing something next. (I'll have to somehow challenge myself, pfft.) But anyway, even if this update is small, I hope you'll all enjoy it (if you even remember this CPN at all, lololol) and you'll come back from time to time, to check for new chapters. That being said, I'll leave you with a ciao and see you soon.

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