Through the Forest of Dreams

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The ground started to shake

An earthquake...?

No. Something else
was happening. 

Something bigger,
something scarier than
everything before.
I could feel it,
the changes that were to intervene,
I could feel them all.


A sweet lavender scent floated in the air,
negating the view my eyes saw.
The white lilies burned green,
and the ground shook once more.


The traces of the voices
spread all around me,
fighting one another,
unable to decide
on the action I was supposed to


My pace slowed down,
as the flowers changed shapes.
A couple of purple leafed trees
issued from the ground.

"Come to me..."

More trees rose from the land,
casting their shadows everywhere.


The garden of white
was suddenly replaced
and another whisper
ardently pleaded


for my presence.
The earth shook once more,
asking for my fall


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