Fleeting Butterfly

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The siren of an ambulance made its way
to my ears.

"Oh, I think they're finally here."

Hurried steps echoed in the hallway,
and shortly after, the door opened with a bang.

"Where is the patient?"


The man beside me raised his hand in the air,
signaling our position, and then he turned to me,
patting my head gently.

"You've done well."

As new faces hovered in front of my eyes,
I remained quiet,
patiently awaiting

to be restored.  


[A/N] To you old and new readers, I would like to say thanks. Thanks for sticking with the story so far and for enjoying it. (Thanks for the votes and comments, pfft.) On this same note, I would also like to thank Mitsu for coming along and supporting the story. ♥

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