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Contemplating the few moments I spent
in the company of the pitch-black cat,
I refused to budge.


I refused to believe it.

"Pfft, Serena, my dear,
you might've forgotten your promise

The death of a purely innocent creature,
of someone who seemed to care for me so deeply,
who knew the answer of so many questions,
who acted as my guide when I was lost—

"No... this cannot be...




...did you have to kill him...?"

I refused to believe it.

                                           "I don't understand you
any more..."

Broken in half,
torn between the death of the known unknown
and the clasp of life that dwelt into his shadow,
my heart collided with my thoughts.

                   "Just... why..."


[A/N] Hello, hello. Thank you, all, for taking the time to read and comment on the story thus far! Seeing your response in regards to my story made my day! Also, I am really really happy that you enjoyed reading the short side story/one shot/celebratory reward. Hugs and flowers for everyone!

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