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My Artworks by srutimuskansingh
My Artworksby -
Hello there!!! Here are some of my artworks like sketches, crafts , drawing and so on.. Please vote and comment as it will really encourage me to do more so guys​ enjo...
  • watty
  • drawing
  • anime
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The Tale To Tell: Short Stories by tanellia
The Tale To Tell: Short Storiesby tanellia
some stories are worth telling, especially the short one.
  • slicesoflife
  • randomthoughts
  • highschool
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go your own way | matt champion by frineedelrey
go your own way | matt championby kaleido
"First you say that I disgust you, that I'm an asshole, and now you want to kiss me" he smirks. "Fuck off" I say as I press my lips to his. {my Engl...
  • brckhmptn
  • matt
  • brockhampton
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Orphic. by wolfiegers
Orphic.by 🌹
Just some-- a lot of random arts ✨ I do digital art! ฅ'ω'ฅ . . . Repost? Make sure to give credit ✔ Request? ❌ not open any requests (yet) Art trade? Ask me ✔ Comment an...
  • randomthoughts
  • doodles
  • digital
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⌜ 芸者 ⌟ •° dystopia | poetry by -translucent
⌜ 芸者 ⌟ •° dystopia | poetryby babygirl ☽
dɪsˈtəʊpɪə/ ⇒noun an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one. "she, personally...
  • fanfiction
  • angst
  • poetry
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butterflies ; ciarán mcdonald  by BEARFAACE
butterflies ; ciarán mcdonald by merlyn dodecahedron
where a girl finds out that she's apartment sharing with 13 other people.
  • abstract
  • mattchampion
  • ciaran
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Kyusako Collection by Kyusako
Kyusako Collectionby Anyon
Just a bunch of poems and short stories that I wrote over the years, mostly when I was in my semi-emo teen phase (and after), so I guess I'll upload it here... ...Yeah. ...
  • betrayal
  • life
  • shortstory
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Short Stories and Rambles by rosenaugen
Short Stories and Ramblesby Sarah Beckwith Rossi
Characterization of a young girl in love.
  • wattys2017
  • dreams
  • ramblings
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Music Production (Completed) by KyleCastaway
Music Production (Completed)by ~Kyle Castaway~
An ironic guide to the creative process behind music production by an 'attempted' musician. (lol me...) *Update* I've somehow managed to finesse my way into having my de...
  • songwriter
  • aestheticmusic
  • musicadvice
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The echoes of a confused mind || Ongoing by asmithereader
The echoes of a confused mind || O...by .:∞ asmi ∞:.
Best rankings- #1 in attys #7 in abstract Beautiful cover by- @xbleedinghoneyx I am surviving like a boat afloat without a sailor. I am not sinking anytime soon, but I...
  • feelings
  • music
  • abstract
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sunsets by mao_lou
sunsetsby 空想
ambling between midnights, dawns and sunsets { © mao_lou 2019 ]
  • abstract
  • poetry
  • idkman
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⌜ 覆面 ⌟ •° ephemeral | knj ft. kth ✓ by -translucent
⌜ 覆面 ⌟ •° ephemeral | knj ft. kth ✓by babygirl ☽
ɪˈfɛm(ə)r(ə)l,ɪˈfiːm(ə)r(ə)l / ⇒adjective lasting for a very short time. "Hello, welcome to The Breakup Agency and Hotline. How may we help you today?" "I...
  • rapmonster
  • bts
  • poetry
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My Art Book         by MoonlightTree040
My Art Book by MoonlightTree040
This is just some of my drawing. Most will be abstract and I might look of pictures of things to draw. So look at my drawing please. Comment if you like them! 😊😀
  • art
  • sketches
  • artbook
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i by Ukn0wnwr1ter
iby Unknown Writer
this is a story about i
  • poetry
  • selflove
  • selfinsert
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Good Midnight. by ofQuillsandInk
Good Midnight.by S Reed Foxwell
A series of Poems (free-verse or narratives) and Prose (short stories, flash fiction, vignettes); Trying to fix the Fragments of a Shattered Reality which nev...
  • flashfiction
  • characters
  • randomthoughts
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They Call It Heartache  by caketheif
They Call It Heartache by alicia//15yy
UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY PAUSED TO FOCUS ON NEW STORY Trent Bayler most definitely deserved to serve a year in penance- but Marnie wasn't too sure she should suffer a ye...
  • badboy
  • tearjerker
  • drama
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Out the Window: Short Stories and Poems Vol II- W.P by Bamboozeler
Out the Window: Short Stories and...by W.P
A sequel to my previous volume of poetry, this time with a new theme- concretely poems of my life through my own eyes so far. Let your mind take you where it will. Enjo...
  • tao
  • memories
  • haiku
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when the clouds need a break (afd poetry) by smol_pineapple
when the clouds need a break (afd...by Avocado sailor
short poems that I write to cope with emotional stress. They aren't well written. My skills aren't what I'd like them to be.
  • loss
  • emotional
  • strength
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What I See In You by RachelStarlings
What I See In Youby RachelStarlings
They say eyes are the window to our souls- I always liked that idea. Life is never easy and it can skyrocket and fall to dark depths, always an unexpected roller-coaste...
  • sad
  • love
  • fiction
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Muskan's Art And Craft by muskanb27
Muskan's Art And Craftby Muskan Bagdiya
"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world" -Brene Brown Here is a collection of my art pieces. Tell me how are they! Cover by MEEEE
  • painting
  • abstract
  • creativeideas
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