Deviled Angel In Disguise

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This is a poem written by me and one of my besties and cuzzie, Beckii! We actually wrote this a while ago, so it's not that good, but still... Hope you like it xD Comment/Vote/Fan to tell me what you think!!

I see the halo and wings

Your holy light shining on me

The angel of my heart

Protector of my soul

But are you what you seem to be?

An angel?

Or a devil in disguise

You make me laugh

But then you make me cry

The littlest things from you send me to heaven or hell

At first you seem to be the one

But then you betray me

Abandon me

Desert me

In the dust

You've turned as cold as ice

Your cold heart, now a stone

No longer my knight in shining armor

But the dragon instead

Or you're hiding behind a devil's act

To cover up you care, a mask

But I know,

I truly do

That you want to be there

You contradict yourself

But why?

But I can never hate you

I can't bring myself to hate you

Hating you is like hating myself

My heart is part of yours

You are part of me

I can't lose you

But I already have...

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