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Different Worlds by staywithme_always
Different Worldsby staywithme_always
I am alone, living in the woods and surviving off the bare minimum. I can't trust anyone especially when the school teacher Peeta enters my life. He can't know i'm homel...
Their Little Saviour by GuruGirly
Their Little Saviourby Lucy
Being given away as a child had some major effects on Sofia's life. She could never really understand why her parents didn't want her. But what happens when she finds ou...
His painful rejection by rodriguezperla
His painful rejectionby Perla Rodriguez
Kristen Matthews is a sweet and shy she-wolf who has been through a lot. Losing her parents at a young age and being the packs only punching bag you think that would be...
Desire | Shawn Mendes by twinpeakshawn
Desire | Shawn Mendesby s
"I'm here right now and I can look you in the eyes and say to you that I desire you, that I want you again, and that I won't rest until you're mine again. And that'...
Save me from the darkness (Watty Awards) by live_4_life
Save me from the darkness (Watty Natasha
"Are you afraid of me?" His words came out in a whimper and I flinched away from him. He finally let his forehead rest against mine as he sighed. "You don...
Afraid // Calum Hood by sugarplumluke
Afraid // Calum Hoodby jolie ayy
"Calum, why is everyone in this town so afraid of you?" [this isn't scary i promise]
Your Heart by anonsd_
Your Heartby anonsd_
Previously known as The Path To Your Heart Noor Ahmed is a twenty year old muslim girl in university. She has been through a lot but she is still standing strong. Yusuf...
{ lights out}Ticci Toby x Reader by Too_Many_Feelz
{ lights out}Ticci Toby x Readerby DoesBrunoMarsisGay?
knowing Toby Rodgers will not be a happy ending, there's too much broken, too much to fix. How is someone suppose to forgive all the things he's done wrong, and accept t...
It was always written... by Aax_axxx
It was always Aimen 🌙
Sequel to 'Maybe it was never meant to be...' Follow Ayla's daughter, Alayna. Who's going through her hard hurdles of life. The problem? Her father threw her into this...
Short G/T stories by lizagreeeen
Short G/T storiesby liza
Some short giant/tiny stories
The Long Run (BoyxBoy-teacher/student) *Completed* by Mayes_Vs_Universe
The Long Run (BoyxBoy-teacher/ Mayes_Vs_Universe
Reign, a high school heart-breaker has never felt any affection towards anyone he dated. He thought there was something wrong with him until his best friends Drew and Fl...
The Purrfect Kitty  by OssieThe0celot
The Purrfect Kitty by LittleNight
Katsuki Bakugou, a neko was mistreated all of his life thinking it was normal. But then these men come and take him away from home. They teach him that what his mother d...
Forsaken Below The Tracks by Ms_Horrendous
Forsaken Below The Tracksby Jakayla Toney
All Jenn wanted was to relax and enjoy at a movie theater, but when the theater staff asked her to come with them, she quickly realized that this was not going to be a q...
Medical Stories! by Shasha_Sr
Medical Stories!by Shasha_Sr
Hey Guys, This is my first experience in writing. I love medical stories though am not related to medical field. It's doctor lead stories. So I wanna try some i...
I DON'T HATE THEM by Fancylin
I DON'T HATE THEMby Fancylin
I don't hate them... it's just their profession ... They... are my three brothers....
Guilt  by petertonystark
Guilt by peter stark
Peter stark from the day he came to this world and he felt unwanted maybe bc of his dad or family or maybe it's all in his head, let's find out what will happen to him i...
The Truth Untold| J.JK ✔️ by AlishhhaSD
The Truth Untold| J.JK ✔️by ℐ𝓈𝒽𝒶'𝓈 ℋℯ𝒶𝓋ℯ𝓃
A story in which Jeon Jungkook grew up in a household without love and support. Learnt to hide under a mask all his life with many insecurities, he never knew what love...
Fear (TordTom) by iam_deadx
Fear (TordTom)by ᴅᴇᴀᴅᴅᴇʀᴢ
(oof) Tom is a normal guy hanging with his normal friends. At least, that's what he wants them to believe. Due to his "unique" appearance, he was tested on af...
The Reaper's Princess (SOA FANFICTION) by seansmom
The Reaper's Princess (SOA Shantelle Thrailkill
Minx, tigs daughter from Charming has been away for far too long with a guy she thought she wanted to marry but her father didn't like....Tig had good reason to hate the...
Fearsome•Jonathan Crane by punkislive
Fearsome•Jonathan Craneby PUNK
-A Jonathan Crane Love story- Disclaimer:*This does not follow the movies plot. I'm sorry if that annoys you.