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Meteor Effect by Crazycatmeow413
Meteor Effectby Crazycatmeow
A mysterious meteor with color-changing sparks lands outside of Sahara changing the hermit's lives forever. (Do I get extra points for being dramatic?) A small group of...
[✔] Someone Named Xelqua (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ariyaquila
[✔] Someone Named Xelqua (Hermitcr...by Quill
MaGiC sUcKs ~Yes, this is another Watcher/Hermitcraft story. ~No, there is no shipping. Set during Season 6 because this story came out two days after Season 7. -I only...
Living With A Hot Devil by RizaJ06
Living With A Hot Devilby RizaJ06
After years of being spoiled, Mekaela decided to move out. But then she learns that she's forced to share her apartment with a gorgeous hunk that she can't tolerate. Wit...
HermitCraft One Shots - Multi Ships (Not Complete Yet) ON HOLD by Hermit_MultiShipper
HermitCraft One Shots - Multi Ship...by SunsetTheGlamour
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICS IN THE COVER! If they belong to you, let me know so I can shout you out! #1 in Keralis TYSM! ILY!! #1 in WelsKnight #1 in False Started on ~...
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes by BlackMors_
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotesby Mors
Just some Hermitcraft incorrect quotes. There may be swearing in some of the quotes and the hermits will probably be ooc. There will be ships in this book. Also, I only...
The Usurper's Throne by FallenSidewayz
The Usurper's Throneby FallAnn
**Sequel to The Alpha's Claim** "Damien, we're in public," I blushed, glancing around. "So?" he said, swirling his tongue on the mark on my neck. &qu...
1885 When her father dies, Rosalind Trevellian (19) is left destitute and homeless. Grief-stricken and apprehensive, Rosalind travels far west to the mansion of her dist...
Sarcasm~ A Hermitcraft Grumbo AU [OLD] by thathermitweirdo
Sarcasm~ A Hermitcraft Grumbo AU [...by Weirdo
WARNING: Old and cringy story Grian isn't safe, Doc hurting him anytime he accidentally hurts another hermit. Now its up to Mumbo to protect Grian, and maybe even bring...
DDAENG by Vero_Jeon
မွားယြင္းမႈေတြ အားလံုးက သူနဲ႕ပဲ စတင္ၿပီး သူနဲ႕ပဲ အဆံုးသတ္ကို ဖန္တီးခဲ့တယ္.... ။ မှားယွင်းမှုတွေ အားလုံးက သူနဲ့ပဲ စတင်ပြီး သူနဲ့ပဲ အဆုံးသတ်ကို ဖန်တီးခဲ့တယ်.... ။ Jeon J...
Watching and Listening - An Empires SMP AU by JohannaJaneUn
Watching and Listening - An Empire...by Cat Jana
One day, False wakes up in an unfamiliar world with no memory of her life. Some time later, after False has founded Cogsmeade, someone else does the exact same thing. Th...
[ xelqua ] watcher!grian story by ciel_gege
[ xelqua ] watcher!grian storyby akiyu
Grian was surrounded by the hermits, swords pointed. The boy frowned at the man in front of him, "I didn't kill him." His tone was clearly annoyed. "shut...
The Skulk | Grian Hermitcraft Au (Gave Up On) by BobaTea274
The Skulk | Grian Hermitcraft Au (...by Boba
Don't start a resistance. It's hard to not but Grian can't just start a resistance in every single season. Right? Eventually, finding himself a corner in one of the rock...
Possessed by MeepMonstare
Possessedby Meep
This is a hermitcraft fanfic that takes place in season 9. Ever since he thought of the Entity, there was something off with Grian. Sometimes he would just blank out for...
I Will Always Love You - Empires SMP S2 AU: Nature Wives by BananaBrain13
I Will Always Love You - Empires S...by BananaBrain13
Katherine and Shelby think they're safe. Safe from corruption. Safe from the curse. When a deadly past comes back to haunt them, they must find a way to keep each other...
The Perfect Family by Xxstars_moonxX
The Perfect Familyby m a e g a n
((COMPLETED)) (Sequel to The Perfect Daughter) Two very long years of hiding and living under strict rules, Summer is finally allowed to live freely. And so are...
The sacred bond by KAJAL by survi1990
The sacred bond by KAJALby KAJAL SRIVASTAVA
It's an epitomly beautiful story that will drown you in the ocean of love. The story of GAURI , GAURAV and...... ASHUTOSH This story will show you the beauty of the sac...
The Heart Wants What It Wants - Hermpires SMP S2: Natures Wives High School AU by BananaBrain13
The Heart Wants What It Wants - He...by BananaBrain13
A crush? An enemy? Some person on the sidelines? Katherine can't figure out her feelings for Shelby. One minutes she's head over heals. The next minute she loathes her. ...
The secret behind his smile (OLD)  by thathermitweirdo
The secret behind his smile (OLD) by Weirdo
"Life is like a chess game, my dear." "You need to plan your moves." "And eliminate those who oppose you."
HermitCamps (Book 1- Done) [A HermitCraft AU] by TreeWritez
HermitCamps (Book 1- Done) [A Herm...by Tree
"It all started because a god got too horny." A HermitCraft AU with Greek Gods Characters are not written to personality Zedaph, VintageBeef, and XbCrafted wer...