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Hermitcraft: Oneshots, Headcannons and General Shenanigans by ausforyou
Hermitcraft: Oneshots, Headcannons...by ausforyou
Help I've fallen into the HC fanfiction with little to no knowledge about it... Except through the powers of the magical Hermitcraft 6 Recap, other wonderful HC fanfic w...
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Just a random book I made out of bordem :)) enjoy 💓
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Hermitcraft One-shots and Head-cannons! by -y-tho-
Hermitcraft One-shots and Head-can...by whyamitrash
Okay, most ships will be strictly platonic/parental. M'kay? Lol. Also head-cannons can be suggestions, same with ships and plots.
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Living With A Hot Devil by RizaJ06
Living With A Hot Devilby RizaJ06
After years of being spoiled, Mekaela decided to move out. But then she learns that she's forced to share her apartment with a gorgeous hunk that she can't tolerate. Wit...
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Bohemian Rhapsody  by whoevenis-galileo
Bohemian Rhapsody by whoevenis-galileo
A book of all my Queen Imagines (both the band and the bo-rhap cast) Series featured in this book so far are: False Truths : Roger Taylor x Reader You're My Best Friend...
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1885 When her father dies, Rosalind Trevellian (19) is left destitute and homeless. Grief-stricken and apprehensive, Rosalind travels far west to the mansion of her dist...
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Dream or Reality? by AmberNicolePenk
Dream or Reality?by AmberNicolePenk
What is a dream and what is reality? I dont know what is anymore...When to wake up...when to accept what has happened. My life in a book. But with different names. Seque...
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Hermitcraft: Escaping Insanity  by LeaTDL
Hermitcraft: Escaping Insanity by LeaTheDragonLight
Grian got mixed up into a mess made by taurtis and Sam, now Yuki wants him dead. Grian is so desperate to escape, he got caught but something happened that saved his lif...
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Brozoned (The Bro Code Series # 1) by ChasingMadness24
Brozoned (The Bro Code Series # 1)by Kyra Blackthorn
"Its the Ultimate level friend zone. It happens when the girl you have a crush-on or are in love with not only see you as a friend but also as a brother." &quo...
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Great Adventures With The Hermits! (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Unicornthalady
Great Adventures With The Hermits...by Sam
In the wonderful peaceful hermit-*Loud crashing sound of Grian trying to redstone* never mind.. In the great hermitcraft server everybody is friends! They have great tim...
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Hermitcraft one shots by kowaretoakan
Hermitcraft one shotsby zakas
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The Theories About Old Cartoons by MonkeyBoss
The Theories About Old Cartoonsby MonkeyBoss
Some of the cartoons might have more then 1 theory but they are in different chapters so don't get them wrong. Oh I will organize the chapters frequently so if you have...
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The Awakening by ROOKIEmistake456
The Awakeningby DarkBlueEvil Lost
Sequeal to Tortured* ......... I don't know what to write this really without telling the whole story so you'll just have to read it.
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Scenes From The Laundry Room ; Random by StrangeWithTheStars
Scenes From The Laundry Room ; Ran...by ⚡️kc
In which you will receive all the scenes and inner thoughts you never knew you needed...
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DDAENG by Adele_Veronica
မွားယြင္းမႈေတြ အားလံုးက သူနဲ႕ပဲ စတင္ၿပီး သူနဲ႕ပဲ အဆံုးသတ္ကို ဖန္တီးခဲ့တယ္.... ။ Jeon Jung kook × Kim Tae Hyung Kim Seok Jin × Min Yoongi Paring: Taekook, Sin
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Types of WattPad Users by CK_Jessie
Types of WattPad Usersby Jessie
Warning! This contains some hurtful opinions on the types of WattPad users. Read at your own risk.
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The Perfect Family by Xxstars_moonxX
The Perfect Familyby m a e g a n
((COMPLETED)) (Sequel to The Perfect Daughter) Two very long years of hiding and living under strict rules, Summer is finally allowed to live freely. And so are...
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Insanity In Sanity by AngelSky13
Insanity In Sanityby AngelSky13
Many would say they are insane, just as a joke. But I don't. Possibly because my sister is insane. But this isn't her story, it's mine. My story of my life. A life contr...
  • hope
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Fool's Paradise by AZeus07
Fool's Paradiseby Just Peachy
Dreams and Nightmares. Creation and Destruction. Life and Death. Every coin has two sides, sometimes more, each telling a similar yet drastically differing story. What o...
  • creation
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  • dreamtale
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HermitCraft - Ask Or Dare by thebirdfantasy
HermitCraft - Ask Or Dareby birdfantasy
This is for me to fangirl anytime and anywhere... I've done these people: -aGlitchNamedDanie -AwesomenessGamerSUHB -Kinshi___ -giratinashelper x6 -Lucy_The_Llamacorn x4 ...
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