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Aaron II - Completa hasta cap. 28 by CamiiDorado
Aaron II - Completa hasta cap. 28by Camii Dorado
He will come back Todos los derechos del autor a LUCÍA ALUMINE (IronicaYSarcastica)
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Crazy in love~ CollinsXDevan Key incest (Colvan) by TheMarionettGirl1342
Crazy in love~ CollinsXDevan Key Swee the rat
This is incest, gay and maybe a bit abusive, *NO SPOILER THO!!* so if you don't like don't read.
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A thief and a pack of wolves! (ON HOLD) by headintheclouds
A thief and a pack of wolves! ( headintheclouds
Nearly every girl wants a life of friends, family and a boyfriend. Well in Ambers case that life isn't on her list! Amber is a nineteen year old girl with a job she abs...
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Cry | by kbincheatin
Cry |by nena .
"I love you, but you don't love me." Lynn, 16
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Opposites Attract by ace_from_space
Opposites Attractby Ace
Choi Minho is a super-athlete. Lee Taemin is a dancer. the only thing that connects them is Taemin's brother, and Minho's best friend, Key. Yet they manage to fall in lo...
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Cry ||| by kbincheatin
Cry |||by nena .
I'm bad wit descriptions .
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If You Didn't Want Me Why Did You Kidnap Me?! by xLimewireJunkiex
If You Didn't Want Me Why Did xLimewireJunkiex
Schuyler was kidnapped walking home from her job a couple streets away from her house, by a group of guys that seem no older than her. they were hoping for a girl named...
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The key to live  by ravenmonster666
The key to live by ravenmonster666
Im awful at writing.Im just doing this because there's only 4 storys of Collins x Devan. So im taking it to my own hands and do a story.I will give you a warning i have...
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On The Block •• Key Glock •• by nbaboogiee
On The Block •• Key Glock ••by Boogiee 🖤⚡️🎸
She always been one of us...🤘🏽
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A Merman's Tale by rainelorenzo
A Merman's Taleby Rhea Lorenzo
Margaret Delterro always wanted to be a famous singer. However, she doesn't seem to have the talent for it. She was about to give up when a storm changes her life foreve...
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Hey Miss Clueless (COMPLETED) by mysehuniverse
Hey Miss Clueless (COMPLETED)by .bea.
Marie Allison Villanueva or simply Alice, she's probably the most idiotic girl alive. Why you ask? She's smart yet dumb. She's the type of girl that's good at playing cu...
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kpop ukulele chords  by jae6ix
kpop ukulele chords by 索尼娅
heyy everyone~ it's my first book there and i suppose i'll devote it to kpop chords of course you may do your requests and i'll try to help you as soon as i can? -sonya
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Catch me by kbincheatin
Catch meby nena .
Jada Medan, 17
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Under The Moonlight by Sandalini
Under The Moonlightby Just a kpop fan
"Sukiah" "Yes?" "Are you afraid of me?" He asked me with his honey combed voice. I looked up at him and looked right into his eyes. "N...
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For You- Kim Jonghyun by laryssamarion
For You- Kim Jonghyunby ahgasescenarios
In which a girl falls in love with a boy. Unfortunately, life doesn't always give us happy endings. The events in this story are fictional, therefore they didn't happen...
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
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Destroyed (BoyxBoy) by xoxo_Prince
Destroyed (BoyxBoy)by Rickie Gee
" What the fuck you mean you leavin'? " he said, wrapping his hands around my throat. " Put me down, Jay! " I said in between breathes. " Pr...
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Through The Clock by Lisafoxo1
Through The Clockby Lisa Viljoen
She found a strange girl, a strange book, and the secret on how to manipulate time. Leona thought her life couldn't get any more boring, until she found a strange girl i...
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SHINee IMAGINES by OnKeyJongTaeMin
SHINee IMAGINESby gaynibba
Let's imagine ourselves being inside the world of our dearest 5HINee! [Requests are accepted! Weekly updates ✔]
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group chat ー shinee  by realjonghyun90
group chat ー shinee by goodbye
the kings of kpop in one group chat
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