Apollo's Prophecy

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This is my newest story! It's also a Fantasy/Romance, but this time it has to do with Greek mythology! My favourite subject OF ALL TIME.

This is brand new and I have been working my butt off writing chapters, and planning out the entire story. If you're interested in mythology you should give this a shot and let me know if I get anything wrong.

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Danika gets the opportunity to earn university credits while studying and travelling through Greece and a bit of Rome. Everything is great until she collapses and wakes up in the hospital. The only problem is that no one remembers this happening—not even the hospital. Danika thinks she's going crazy, but she begins to think that her mysterious professor, Dr. Evantin, may know something more. What she doesn't know is how much he knows and who she really is.

Not the best description, but hopefully it entices you!

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