Chapter Twenty

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The picture is of the puppy in the chapter :D  And this is longer than usual so I hope you love it! Things will start to change very very soon >:D



I spent the rest of Monday and Tuesday with Dan, but went back to my parent's house up until Thursday. Although I really wanted to spend those days with Dan I realized that I wouldn't be seeing my father for another few months. Dan showed up at around lunchtime on Thursday and ended up watching sports with my dad as I complained about how complicated hockey is. It was always hard saying bye to my dad. I never actually miss him once he's gone, but once I have to give him that last goodbye hug I usually tear up. Dan drove everyone to the airport and witnessed my parents making out, as if they were teenagers again.

"Do you think we'll be like that when we're older?" Dan asked me. I blushed and shrugged my shoulders. All night I thought about Dan's question. I felt happy that he asked that question. It meant that he thought about our future together. When it was Friday I got woken up with a text from my manager explaining that everyone's shifts were cancelled due to crickets being released by a customer the night before. I'd usually be happy, but Trevor texted me a few hours later that he saw the sign on the pet store that I worked at. I no longer had an excuse to miss his party. "Don't worry, Sky. You took Tae Kwon Do as a kid. If he tried anything on you just go ninja on his butt," Ave said, trying to reassure me. "Thanks, Ave. That totally helped," I said with my voice laced in sarcasm. "That's why I'm here," she said before skipping off towards the living room. My phone started beeping so I checked the message.

~ Garrett: Hey, I heard you're going to the party. You need to tell me about your winter break! See you there! ~

I laughed at the text. I would've never thought that Garrett, the school's popular quarterback, would be casually texting me. I sent him a quick text confirming that I would see him there before putting on a shirt that would be better for a party. "Alright Sky. No drinking today," I said out loud to my reflection. Dan suddenly walked in my room and scared me. Stupid reflection! "Talking to yourself again?" he joked before hugging me. "I was aware that I was speaking out loud this time," I informed him while poking him in the chest.

"Well I think it's a good plan. Everyone else is heading out for dinner. Do you want to meet up with us later at that mini movie theater we found?" he asked me hopefully. "What if somebody we know is there?" I asked him. He chuckled at that. "Do you honestly think a couple of students would choose a little theater compared to a Cineplex that's filled with "hot guys" or "sluts?" Dan said with air quotations. I busted out laughing at how funny he looked. "I guess you're right. And if we run into any hipsters we can just claim that it was a coincidence and we ran into each other," I said still laughing. "Sounds like a plan," he said before kissing me.

I tried to end the kiss before things started going too far but Dan wasn't having any of it. Dan pulled me even closer to him, which made me run my fingers through his hair before grasping it. A soft moan came out of his mouth before he put his arms under my shirt and started running them down my back. Before things could get any further my phone beeped. Dan groaned as he set me down. I didn't even realize that my legs were wrapped around his waist. I read the text stating that Trevor was here to pick me up. I shuddered at the fact that Trevor now knew where I lived. "I'll say that I'm tired or something so I can leave earlier. What time is the movie?" I asked him. "It's the last showing so it's at midnight" he answered. "I'll call Ave at eleven so she can pick me up in time for the movie," I said before grabbing my purse off of the bed.

I put on my long winter jacket so I could be really warm. I absolutely hate cold weather. "See you guys later," I called out before running towards the elevator. I just wanted the night to end as quickly as possible so I could get back to my friends.

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