Chapter Eighteen

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The light streamed into the room through the small cracks in the drapes. "Good afternoon, sleepy head," Dan greeted me. I smiled before greeting him back. "What time is it?" I asked him. He looked down at his watch before answering. "It's 12:30. You should get ready to go spend the day with Trevor," he said Trevor's name with a hint of sarcasm.

I reluctantly got up and made my way to the washroom. After taking a shower I put on a simple white summer dress and white flat sandals. "Do you think you can go down for breakfast with us?" Ave asked as I emerged into the living room. Trevor had texted me that he would wait downstairs in the lobby, which has a clear view of the cafeteria.

"Sorry, Trevor's downstairs right now. Wait for like ten minutes so you guys can be sure that he doesn't see you," I said as I put my sunglasses on. The three of them nodded before I said my goodbyes and gave Dan a short kiss, but didn't want to let go.

"Every thing will be alright, Dan, "I promised him. He let go of me after nodding and went back to the sofa. "I'll see you later," I yelled out as I closed the door and ran towards the elevator with my beach bag in hand. As soon as I got downstairs I said good morning to the desk clerk and walked towards Trevor, who was waiting in the seating area.

"Ready for a day of fun?" he greeted me. I smiled and nodded. "As ready as I'll ever be." "So how are you liking Costa Rica so far?" Trevor asked me after we walked out of the hotel towards the beach. "I'm loving it. It's so beautiful here!" I answered honestly, "What about you?" Trevor gave me a smile before giving me a response.

"Same here. I think Santa Cruz is the best place in Costa Rica so far. It made it even better that you're here," he said before kicking off his flip-flops. Luckily he didn't see the look I had on my face. The worst part of my vacation was running into him. Not that I didn't like him as a person- he seemed nice enough. But I really didn't need the added stress. Instead of saying something back to him I changed the subject.

"How long have you been planning on coming here?" I asked him curiously. He gave me yet another smile. "Since last year my family has been planning it. We bought the tickets a few months ago so we could get a good package deal," he answered. I stopped in my place for a second. He knew he was going to come here for all that time? Dan's words filled my head. "He said he wasn't going to be leaving Canada. He mentioned that he would be going to his cottage up north." Why would Trevor lie about that? Does he know? No... we've been really careful. Maybe he didn't want people budding into his business?

"You coming?" Trevor asked while looking back at me. I shook the thoughts out of my head. "What?" I answered him. He chuckled a bit. "You randomly stopped walking, Sky," he informed me. I looked down and realized that I was standing still. "I wanted to take my flip-flops. I just got distracted by..." I looked around the beach and spotted a guy in a bright red speedo. "I got distracted by the pale old dude wearing the speedo. Gross," I stuck out my tongue for full effect. Trevor laughed again. "I agree... that is gross."

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