Chapter Fourteen

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Hello! I'm in the middle of final exams so excuse my longer gaps between uploads! I couldn't find a picture for this chapter so sorry if you like them! I'd say this is more of a filler chapter, but those are necessary sometimes. I hope you enjoy nonetheless and I'll be back soon with a new update!

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I slowly opened my eyes when the light was let into my room. I had no idea what time it was. I remembered last night and how much I drank... how do I not have a huge hangover? "How much did you drink?" I heard a deep voice ask from my window. I sat up abruptly, which made my hangover headache show up. I clutched my head in pain and looked over to where the voice was coming from while squinting my eyes.

"Hi Dan," I mumbled as I continued to hold my head. "What are you doing here?" I asked him before I noticed a pink slip of paper that was next to me. Avery must have left it there. "Avery called me and told me to come over to take care of you because she's going out after work, and Luke kicked me out because he has some girl coming over today," he replied while climbing into bed with me. Shit! I forgot about work today!

"Where is she going?" I asked curiously, even though I knew she'd be the girl Luke was talking about. "I'm not sure. She said that the note would explain everything," Dan answered and handed me the pink slip of paper for me to read.

Good morning sunshine! I bet you feel great today! Ha! That's what you get for drinking so much. How do I know you drank so much since I didn't see you when you got home? I'm just psychic. Haha I'm joking! I saw stains on your shirt (which is in the washer probably ready to be put in the dryer.) I left two aspirins on the bedside table with a cup of water so go drink it now! Don't read past this until you have the aspirin!

I laughed and looked to my side where the aspirin was sitting next to a cup of water. I drank it before I continued to read the note as Dan played with my hair.

Ok, if you're reading this it means you drank the water. Good job! Now down to business. I told Sherry that you have some sort of stomach flue before I left this morning so she could call one of the other girls in. I'm going out with my mom after work so I probably won't see you until tonight. Watch a movie, eat some pizza and do your nails. Just save me some pizza if you do order some... or else (I know where you sleep and I can unlock your door easily. Try having fun and tell Dan to come over unless he's already there... Hi Dan! (Incase he was reading.) See you later babes! –Avery

I smiled at the letter, but I really wanted to frown. I remembered everything that I'd heard the night before. Avery was still lying to me when she didn't have to. Tomorrow I'm going to make her have a girl's day out with me. Avery would probably be with Luke until late. But what if she wasn't lying and Luke is having someone else over? I should check. I decided to call my mom.

"Hey Mom, what's up?" I asked as soon as she answered. "Hey honey, nothing much right now. I'm going to be going out later with Sally so we can do some shopping and catch a movie together," she answered. So Avery did lie. "Just the two of you?" I asked to make sure my assumptions were correct before jumping to conclusions. "Yes, we wanted to make sure that we had some fun without you girls," my mom answered and laughed a bit. "Oh, have fun. I was just calling to say hi. I'll see you next week mom. Love you... Bye!" I took a deep breath after I hung up.

"Is everything ok?" Dan asked concerned. I smiled at him. "Yeah, I was just checking something with my mom. It seems that she is going to have fun today without me, which means that we're stuck here all day. Unless you have something else to do other then sit here and do nothing," I said with puppy dog eyes. Dan wiggled his eyebrows. "I can think of something fun that we can do all day," he said before trying to kiss me. I lightly pushed him away and laughed.

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