Chapter Twenty-Four

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Hello! I'm sure you hate me from the last chapter. I have a feeling some of you were expecting something like that, but maybe not the specifics. Hopefully this chapter will cheer you up a bit? Maybe not. We'll see!



I woke up with a huge backache in the middle of the night. I sat up and pushed down on the spot that was sore. As soon as I was upright my head started pounding. I quickly put pressure on it to soothe the pain, but instead brought more pain and felt something weird. "What the... where am I?" It was then that I took in my surroundings. I was on a hospital bed and Avery was sitting on the chairs fast asleep. "Avery, wake up," I said loudly. She started wriggling around in the seat and rubbed her neck. "Well would you look at that. Sleeping hideous is awake," she joked before walking over to me.

"Why am I here? And what is on my head that hurts so much?" I pointed to the spot that felt weird. Avery frowned at me. "You don't remember what Trevor did?" she asked me. I shook my head lightly to avoid further pain. "The last thing I remember is telling him off before going to class," I explained. Avery nodded. "Let's wait until morning and everyone's here so we can explain it to you," she said with a sad smile. I nodded, although I was worried. "Can you just tell me if it was bad?" I begged her. She looked at me for a good minute before finally giving in. "Let's just say it would've been terrible if Dan didn't beat the crap out of him," she said and sat back down in the chair.

"Ave, come sleep on the bed with me. There's enough room," I said and scooted over. Ave laughed and climbed in with me. "Tell me if I hurt your stitches, alright?" Ave said. I nodded at her and closed my eyes. Wait a minute... "Stitches?" I shrieked. Ave laughed again before quieting me down. "Shh, I'll explain everything when Evie gets here tomorrow," she said and fell asleep. What could've Trevor done?


I woke up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare about Sky. I must have been screaming because Jack was crying from his little bed looking at me with a worried expression. I patted the spot next to me, telling Jack that he could jump up. I ran my hands over my face to wipe away the sweat and tears that were a reminder of my nightmare. What if I made it to the closet too late? That's what my nightmare had been about. I walked into the closet and Trevor was already pulling his pants back up as

Sky shook in the corner.

Jacks tongue on the side of my face snapped me out of my thoughts. I patted him on the head before I got out of bed to take a shower. After my shower I was wide-awake. The clock read three thirty in the morning, but there was no way that I would be able to go back to sleep. I put on my clothes and winter jacket before putting Jack's leash on him and leaving for a midnight jog. It was six o'clock by the time I got home. Jack was exhausted from running so much and I was beginning to get tired. I didn't even bother on taking another shower before I crashed on the couch and fell back asleep.

"Wake up man, I'm going to see Sky and you should come too," Luke said from in front of the sofa. I looked at the clock, which read eight o'clock, and freaked out. "I need to be at school right now!" I said and jumped from the sofa and ran into the shower once again. When I ran out of my room with my tie put on in the wrong way Luke stopped me. "Dude, the principal already called and explained that some guy named Michael Edwards would substitute for you for the next few days. "Damn it. I completely forgot about that. Thanks man," I told him and plopped back down on the couch. "Let's go now. You should explain to Sky what's going on," he said. I nodded at him and got back up again. I set up Jacks space in the living room and put new water and food in his bowls. "See you later, buddy," I called out before I closed the door behind me.

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