Chapter Five

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Dan called me a bit after one o'clock in the afternoon. He was online trying to pick out what movie we'd be seeing with Luke and Avery. He read out all of the movie titles, but most of them were children's movies or chick flicks and none of us enjoyed chick flicks. We ended up deciding on Maleficent. Mainly because I really wanted to see it, but lets face it: Angelina Jolie is hot. I had a feeling Ave might really enjoy it because Disney movies are usually focused on the princesses and this one is focused on the bad guy.

I told Dan that we'd meet him and Luke at the movie theater at around 4:30 so we could have time to get food and get good seats. The movie started at 8:00 so I decided that I would put my token stash to use for once. I had over 100 tokens from when I was younger. I decided to keep them for one day, but I forgot about them for years. But today would be the day I brought them out again. This time I charged both Avery's phone and mine. We headed downstairs after turning off all of the lights.

On the way we stopped by gas station to fill up the tank. As usual, Ave and I split the gas money. It's only fair since she drives me everywhere and pays insurance. When we were done we headed straight for the theater. "So he really kissed you yesterday?" Ave asked for the millionth time since we arrived back at the apartment this morning. I sighed at her and playfully rolled my eyes. "Yes. I turned around and we touched noses. We stared into each others eyes for a few seconds, and then he kissed me." Ave clapped her hands quickly as we sat at a red light. "I can't believe my little Sky had her first kiss!" Avery cooed from beside me. "How does he look?" she asked. I then remembered the picture I took. I pulled out my camera and showed Ave the picture.

"I took a picture of us last night. Here, this is him. Don't flirt with this one! Flirt with his player friend." I joked. She looked at the picture and smiled. "Ooh he's cute! But don't worry. He's not my type. I like blondes better, but don't tell anyone," She said seriously with her finger up. She was just afraid that it word got out, the jocks would start hitting on her. "Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me."

We finally arrived and I already started to feel nervous. I got out of the car and noticed a very similar Cadillac parking next to Avery's Ford. Dan got out of the car and so did a good-looking blonde guy. I couldn't help but smirk at Ave, who noticed my face and nudged me to shut up. "Hey Sky," Dan said in his deep husky voice. I felt like melting right there and then. "Hey cutie" I said back before giggling. Dan fake-scowled before giving me a friendly hug. "You must be Avery." Dan said looking at Ave. "It's nice to meet you." He said after Ave nodded. I looked over at who I was guessing was Luke. He didn't notice me looking since he was too busy staring at Avery's chest, which Ave noticed.

"You know... you could introduce yourself instead of staring at my chest." Ave said in annoyance. Luke smiled. "Oh I'm sorry. It's just a really nice chest. It would be a waste not to look at." He said smugly. Avery rolled her eyes and. "At least I have a nice chest, skinny boy." She retorted with a smirk. Ave then started walking towards the theater leaving a very surprised Luke behind. Dan and I laughed at the encounter and walked side-by-side after Ave. Our fingers accidentally brushed together so I looked up at Dan to see if he had noticed, which he did since he looked down and smiled. My cheeks warmed up so I quickly returned to looking in front of me and kept walking.

"I have over 100 Tokens so we can play whatever game." I announced as we walked into the arcade part of the theater. Everyone's eyes lit up as they grabbed a handful from me. We played a bunch of racing and shooting games. The only racing game I won at was a motorcycle one. They are so much easier to drive then the stupid fake car ones. After a while Avery suggested that we play a dance battle game. I obviously agreed. We're awesome at that game. Dan and Luke were cheering us on the entire time.

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