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My best friend Avery and I had just finished watching a movie. We almost never found the time to watch movies together, or have any fun at night, but tonight was different. It was my 18th birthday.

"Oh my God," Avery screamed as she tried to contain her laughter, which was obviously not going so well. "That was the funniest movie ever Sky! Did you see that woman's eyebrows? How do they even do that?" We had just finished watching a chick flick. Not our usual genre, but we wanted a good laugh.

If anyone from school were here, they wouldn't believe that this was Avery. At school she is known as 'the witch' since she had long straight black hair, light blue eyes, and wears tons of black. It's kind of a social experiment she started back in middle school and so far no one has caught on that it's an act. She's actually really pretty and can probably get any guy that she wants, but our school is filled with assholes. The only nice ones are either gay, taken, or jocks and Avery hates jocks. She believes all of the cliché movies that tell you that all jocks are players. Not that she's wrong—most of the jocks at our school are players, but that's beside the point. Back to Avery's little social experiment.

Avery uses it to her advantage. She always acts super creepy and witchy with the cheer bitches to scare them. Yeah, that's right. We call them cheer bitches. We weren't always mean about it, but I call them that because I've personally seen how they treat others. Every single one of them is a terrible person so I don't give Ave a hard time when she's extra mean to them.

"I know," I laughed back. After the laughing subsided, I realized that we had nothing left to do. We already watched a movie, attempted to make a cake from scratch (bad idea... scratch is bad and cake mix in a box is good), cleaned up after our sad attempt at baking, and went through our eleventh-grade yearbook playing "hot or not."

The last thing we did before watching the movie was attempting to give each other makeovers. I'm the only one who suffered since my hair is hair dark brown and you can somewhat get bright colours to stick. I looked like I fell asleep with my hair in a pink pool of paint. All that Ave had to say was, "At least it matches your eyes?" before sniggering. Not even close. My eyes are dark brown. Last time I checked, that colour doesn't match with pink. Ave didn't suffer since the colour wouldn't show up in her hair without bleaching it, and she looked like she was going to kill me when I jokingly suggested it.

"So... what should we do now?" I asked Ave. She always had ideas whether they were good or bad.

"Ooh! Let's play ding dong ditch!" Ave screamed. I should really invest in earplugs.

"Fun, but there are a few problems with that," I sighed. Ave looked at me, confused. "We live in a high-rise apartment building and we're not twelve." That's right; Ave and I live together. We used to live too far from each other and school. So we split the rent in half and live without a guardian. Luckily in Ontario you can do that with parental consent and it helps that I'm finally 18. Our parents agreed since we go to one of the city's best schools and both have jobs. As long as we visit them on the weekends and spend a good chunk of our school vacations with them they won't have a problem with it and pay for a good chunk of rent.

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