Chapter Sixteen

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Hello! I'm mid-way through my first week at my coop! I'm going to try and edit more during my lunches so I can actually get you two uploads a week :) And please excuse any geographical errors and whatnot. I have never been to any of these locations, I just did a google search for them hehe



"Flight 63 to Santa Cruz, Costa Rica, now boarding," the speakers announced loudly. "Finally," Luke and Dan complained as they grabbed their bags. Avery and I couldn't help but laugh at them. They sounded like a couple of twelve year olds. "Shut up, Luke," Avery grumbled loudly enough for Dan to hear. "We've been waiting two hours longer than we should have. We're grown men and need to eat," he complained. I shook my head and laughed a bit. I don't like the fact that Avery and Luke want to keep their relationship a secret from Dan for a while longer, but it's still funny to see then arguing: Especially because it's real most of the time.

"Come on, we don't want to lose luggage space," Dan said as he dragged Luke off through the gate. After getting our passports and tickets checked, we made our way through the little hallway that goes into the plane and finally took our seats. Avery and Luke wanted to sit next to one another, but Dan might find it a bit suspicious so I just sat next to Ave instead. It was only a three-hour flight so we wouldn't end up sleeping. The lunch the airline provided wasn't too bad either. It was baked chicken breast with white rice and peas. The entire flight consisted of Ave and I playing "Guess Who" by using the other passengers. At one point I gagged when she said, "something hairy," which made me turn around to face an unnaturally hairy butt. Some fifty-year-old man was trying to take something out of his luggage while his pants were falling down. What has been seen cannot be unseen. I tried talking to Ave about what happened at lunch yesterday, but she just kept telling me that she'd explain everything before we left to go back to Toronto.

"We are now asking for all passengers to put their seat belts on. We will be landing in about ten minutes," the speakers announced. Luke got all excited about not having to sit down for much longer so he decided that jumping up and down in his seat would be the most logical thing to do. Avery, of course, had to scold him until he finally agreed to put his belt on. When we finally came down from the clouds you could finally see how beautiful Santa Cruz really was.


"It's so hot!" Avery complained as soon as we stepped out of the cab that took us close to our hotel. The cab could only take us so far since our hotel was on the beach. "That's what you get for wearing a sweater," Luke muttered. Avery shot daggers at him. "Hello! We just came from freaking Canada! It was negative twenty degrees there! I wasn't going to ride the plane in a bikini!" She argued. "You'd at least look good if you were wearing one. You'd have something else to ride too," Luke returned while grumbling the last sentence. "Excuse me? I'm not some whore! I don't just wear revealing clothing for the heck of it!" She screamed, which caught the attention of some other travellers.

"Do you think they'll be like this all vacation?" Dan asked me. I shook my head. "I think they'll calm down after a bit. There's so much to do here," I smiled before grabbing on to his hand. It fit around mine perfectly. It was much bigger than my own, but it made me feel safe. "You inconsiderate jerk!" Avery yelled at Luke before we made it up the steps to the hotel. "Uptight bitch," Luke shot back before they both went to separate sides of the lobby.

"Umm... Welcome to Sunnyside hotel! Just tell me your names and you can be seen to your rooms straight away," the desk clerk said with a smile, which faltered a bit when she looked at Luke or Ave. "Daniel Phillips and Sky Evans," Dan said for me. The lady nodded and typed something into the computer before pulling out two sets of keys. "Room 2402. It's the one in the corner since it's a two bedroom one. I hope you enjoy your stay!" She said while handing us our keys. We said thank you before heading upstairs and dragged Luke and Avery behind us.

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