Chapter Eleven

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Pic is of Brittany^ (You'll figure it out). Ooooohhhh this chapter has a bit of Dan's POV (rare I know, but this story is supposed to be mainly in Sky's POV anyway).  It's a short chapter, but bare with me. There will be short chapters and long chapters. This book was originally 52 chapters in length and now it's 30 including the prologue and epilogue so I had to cut tons of unnecessary things out. It's ok though. 

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It was now Thursday, which meant I had Sky and Avery first period. I made sure to show up at school early, mainly because I was new and over prepared everything. I texted Sky the night before explaining that I had a plan. I also got her to change my name on her phone to "boyfriend" to avoid any unnecessary questions. I did the same, but of course made her name "girlfriend" in my phone. For the better part of the morning I spent my time in the teachers lounge. It was a nice lounge, much nicer than the ones I'd seen during teacher's college. I was finally getting used to interacting with some of the male teachers. They mainly asked me questions about my car, but it was something at least.

I didn't want to seem strange to the students so I walked into class right before the bell rang. Little did they know that I had the entire lesson prepared and all I had to do was open my binder.

The second the bell rang I began doing the attendance. Thankfully Sky and Avery acted normal when I got to their names. Besides the few students chatting at the back of the classroom, everything was going smoothly. I picked a random student to hand out review sheets so I could figure out where everyone was standing in the course. Sky and I had discussed signals that other students wouldn't notice. I rested my hand at the side of my desk and tapped three of my fingers. As soon as Sky looked at me she noticed what was going on. It was the signal for checking her phone. I nodded my head to reassure her that I was indeed doing the signal. She pulled out her cellphone and looked confused because nothing was there.

"Ms. Evans, give me your phone. You can pick it up at the beginning of lunch," I announced. Many students looked over at Sky, who looked like a deer staring at headlights. Her mouth was slightly open in surprise. She held out her phone, which I took from her hand and brought back to my desk. Sky seemed to notice that I had done it on purpose when I smirked as I locked my desk drawer. Sky shook her head in annoyance. "That's not fair. A bunch of other people are on their phones," she said. I sent her a blank stare.

"That may be so, but they seem to be better at hiding it." Sky rolled her eyes. "You're so annoying. Do you enjoy picking on me or something?" She asked with an eyebrow raised. She's really good at this. "Well I was going to let you off with a fair warning, but you've just earned yourself another detention. At lunch and after school." Sky opened her mouth to protest, but I cut her off. "And if I catch you with your phone or if you give me attitude again it'll be detention for the rest of the week." Avery looked like she wanted to laugh and Sky looked extremely annoyed. Most of the students didn't seem to care, but the cheerleaders looked pleased.

I rolled my sleeves up and stood up before walking in front and leaning on my desk. "Alright class, who remembers functions?"


The lunch bell rang and my second period class, tenth grade math, flooded out. I leaned back in my chair and rolled my head from side to side. I couldn't help but laugh at the memory of Sky's surprised face. She looked shell shocked when I scolded her for being on her phone. "Hello Mr. Phillips," Sky said with gritted teeth. Oh, this is just too good. "Hello there, Miss Evans. Would you mind closing the door for me? The students in the hall are kind of loud," I asked, which earned me a glare from Sky. She just stood there glaring at me. She didn't even move a muscle. "Would you like to have a detention for the rest of the month?" I asked with a big smile on my face. "What? Are you trying to make my senior year a living hell? You're the one who told me to check my phone and then called me out for it!" she looked pissed.

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