Chapter One

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Hello! Here's the first chapter! Keep in mind that this is written for a younger audience (pre-teens) which is why the writing is in this style. Obviously you're welcome to read at any age! Keep a lookout in a few days for chapter two! Photo of Dan attached ;)



"Hello?" The voice that sounded like Dan's answered the phone. 

"Um hey, my name is Sky Evans. I guess I got you as a match," I tried to keep my voice steady. "Way to sound formal," Avery snorted as she filed her nails. I threw a pillow at her feet to shut her up. 

"Really? I mean hey! You don't sound like a creepy old woman, thank God!" Dan replied. I giggled at that. "Well you don't sound like a creepy old man! By the way, happy birthday!" I said back while laughing. I was surprised at how easy the conversation had already started. I could feel the anxiety quickly melting away.

"Well I'm definitely not an old man and hopefully not creepy. And thank you! So, since we're speaking I take it that you heard my humiliating voice message?" A smile crept up on my face. "Yeah, I actually thought it was cute," I answered truthfully. I could hear Dan's breathing on the line. "Sorry about that- wait... you thought it was cute? Really?" He sounded really surprised and I couldn't help but giggle.

"I'm serious. The way you apologized was funny. By the way, I heard something that sounded like someone getting hit right after the apology?" I was really curious about that and so was Avery who was now holding the pillow in front of her face to cover up any laughter that may come.

Dan chuckled. "Actually yes. My best friend is with me celebrating my birthday. He got mad that I apologized for being pathetic." Ave and I exchanged glances. "You weren't pathetic, I assured him. "That was a great, funny, cute message. Trust me, I've heard bad messages tonight." I shuddered at the memory of the gross messages that would scar me forever. "You really think so?" Dan seemed more hopeful. "I know so," I replied as I unconsciously twirled the phone cable around my fingers.

"Let me guess," I began, "your friend made you do this?" The way he recorded his message sounded like he wasn't very comfortable with the whole "Phone Dating" thing. And having Ave beside me reminded me that some friends can convince you to do many things. "You are correct!" He responded sounding a bit sarcastic. I could only imagine him glaring at his friend. "But Luke's right," Dan responded and I took note of his friends name. "I need to stop being so shy and find someone. This was the best option since I don't really go out and the whole survey thing sounded enticing to me." This guy is just getting better and better.

"To tell you the truth, my best friend Avery is here too and made me do this." I swear I heard him chuckle a bit. Damn, he really does have a sexy deep laugh. It actually sent a few chills down my spine. "A normal slumber party? I use to crash my older sisters when I was younger"

"Not at all. We're actually roommates and we're celebrating my birthday tonight. Big coincidence, eh?" At least if we ever meet each other and become friends or something, I won't forget. But knowing me I still would. I could almost imagine Dan smiling on the other side. 

"No kidding. Happy birthday, Sky!" He said excitedly. I'm guessing he got over his nerves. "By the way, I love your name." He said out of the blue. I felt my face warm up and I saw Ave's eyes widen at the site of my blushing. 

"Thank you," I said softly, trying not to stutter. "So I know that both of us were kind of forced to do this, but I'd like to think it was for a reason." He started. I don't know what people are talking about when they say you get "little butterflies" in your stomach. I felt like it was being invaded by an entire colony.

Avery scooted closer so she could hear a bit better. "How about we go on a coffee date or something? I actually really enjoyed talking to you today and I don't want to lose what may be a good chance at asking out a girl for the first time in years." Dan blurted out. Oh wow, he sounds like a great guy. I would've expected him getting many dates. Maybe he's really ugly... wow how shallow of me.

Avery let out an ear-piercing shriek. "Ave, shut up!" I yelled at Avery before clearing my throat. "I really enjoyed talking to you as well. You're really funny and easy to talk to. Truth is, this is the first time I'm being legitimately asked out." 

Dan let out a sigh that sounded relieved. "Well that's great to hear. So what do you say? Will you go out on a date with me?" Ave looked like she wanted to shriek again so I quickly replied. "I'll see. First I want to know more about you, Dan." I heard Dan chuckle. "Alright, what would you like to know?" I thought about this. I'm horrible at asking questions. "I don't really know. How about we play 20 questions I suggested. I could do that. "Sure," Dan answered playfully.

"Dude, I can't believe you just asked her out!" I'm assuming Dan's friend Luke exclaimed from beside him. The line went quiet for a few seconds so I decided to say something. "I'm guessing that was Luke?" Dan signed "Yup, that's him. Always being an annoying loudmouth," he answered. "Hey!" Luke yelled. I laughed. "I know what you mean. Ave is just like that too," I said before Ave threw her arms up. "Hey!" She yelled and I waved my hand at her to quiet down. "Maybe we should lock them up in a closet somewhere together?" I suggested. Joking but just a bit serious. "HEY!" Both Luke, and Avery yelled in unison, sending Dan and I into a laughing frenzy.

After the laughing was over I finally spoke again. "You ask the first question." "What's your favourite colour?" Dan asked quickly. "Mine is Sky Blue", he finished. I had to think about this. "That's a hard one. I love white or black, but those are shades. I'll go with the typical answer of pink or blue. I'm not too picky." I wanted to facepalm myself. I talk way too much and need to be interrupted sometimes. "Ok my turn..." Dan and I continued to ask each other questions. Ave spent most of the time staring at her phone screen or snacking in the kitchen. I didn't even notice that I had drastically changed my position on the couch. I was now lying on my back with my legs over the sofa's arm.

Towards the end of our conversation we ran out of good questions so we were on silly ones. Dan asked me about my favourite weird food, but I couldn't think of one so he told me to try dipping my french fries in a sundae. "Well I dare you to try it later on tonight. Hopefully I'll get feedback," he laughed. I smiled to myself once again. "I never say no to a dare so it's a deal."

We have different views on a few things, but in general, we have a whole lot in common. Dan isn't a huge fan of sports, but he goes crazy during world cup season. I never really cared for it since Canada never makes it in, but he was glad to hear that if I had to pick a team to root for that it would be Brazil. I also learned that Dan loves math (which I absolutely despise,) but it's alright because he's musically challenged while I was basically born to play instruments. I learned that Dan has an older sister (the one he mentioned earlier on) named Evelyn. Apparently, he's a momma's boy and his sister is "daddy's little girl."

I wanted to tell Dan that I was finishing up high school, but Ave wouldn't let so I just mentioned that I worked at a pet store with Ave as we both studied full time in the city. Thankfully he didn't ask about it. I was curious at what he'd be doing for a job, but I didn't want to risk him asking me anything that would give away too much information about myself.

We spoke for another ten minutes before I noticed Avery passed out on the couch. I was sure she'd start snoring at any given moment. "I have to go. Ave is sleeping and it's late," I explained to Dan. "Oh shoot, I didn't realize what time it was. Well, it was really great talking to you," He sounded a bit down so I decided to end his misery. 

"Yes," I said. "Yes?" I could tell Dan was confused. "Yes. Yes I'll go out with you. I really enjoyed talking to you and I'd like to meet you. "Really?" I giggled at his enthusiasm. "I mean, really?" He coughed to clear his throat trying to prevent it from cracking again. "Yup, I know a great coffee place we can go to," I said trying not to sound too excited. "Alright!" He answered causing me to giggle again.

I gave him the directions the coffee place located about a half an hour drive out of the city so I wouldn't run into anyone I knew. I didn't want to be embarrassed or risk giving anything away. We said our goodbyes after exchanging cellphone numbers. I felt great, but that didn't last too long. Dan seems like a great guy, but I can't help but think that he'll turn out to be some ugly thirty-year-old who lied about his age. What if he's mean or doesn't like the way I look? It just seems too good to be true.

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