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Crush/Boyfriend Imagines by WritingDuhh
Crush/Boyfriend Imaginesby WritingDuh
✓ Completed ✓ Imagines about you and that special boy in your life :) ⚠️ = Smut!!! • = Personal Favorite :) *All these are mine! PLEASE don't steal. :)
The Best of Wattpad by jennanidz
The Best of Wattpadby Jenna
If you are having trouble finding your next best read, I am (hopefully) here to help! I have decided to compile some of my favorite books into one published piece. I h...
She's In Love With A Geek by notjustarandomgirl
She's In Love With A Geekby Shorty ❤
Miss Perfect, Courtney Collins, has everything a teenage girl could ever wish for. She has the Pretty Face, Perfect Figure, Popularity, Fortune, Friends who follow her e...
Match Made in Quarantine ✓ by katfeatherly
Match Made in Quarantine ✓by Kat Featherly
Aimee is a hardworking med student. Maddox is a wild business major. Together they share an apartment, and absolutely nothing else. What happens when these two roommate...
After Midnight ✔️ by APrettyNerd
After Midnight ✔️by 梅花
"HEEEELLLLLOOOO!" "Um... Hi?" "Wow! You actually answered, so that means you aren't kissing anyone right?" "Um, I'm sorry but wh...
Yet Again (under Editing)  by Thefreshbreeze
Yet Again (under Editing) by Ritu purna reddy
Bhoomi, a 25 year old chemistry lecturer unwillingly marries Rajiv through an arranged marriage set up but hates him for the past that she shares with him. Will this m...
May be forever by BiyaJose
May be foreverby Elizeh
For Vihani , all she wanted was to have a normal life without the privilege of a rich girl and to live her life to the fullest. For Avi, who comes from a normal middle...
Lockdown on London Lane by Reekles
Lockdown on London Laneby Beth Reeks
When the London Lane apartment block is put on lockdown, its residents are in for a whirlwind week. Imogen's stuck living with a one-night-stand in Number 14, and has to...
Come Hell or High Water | mxm by ccstarfield
Come Hell or High Water | mxmby CC Starfield
Recovering alcoholic Sam isn't quite ready to let go of his failing marriage. Gord gave up his dream to care for his dying father, and now he's trapped by an inheritance...
Kickflip | bxb by ccstarfield
Kickflip | bxbby CC Starfield
Summer, 2003. An easygoing teen skateboarder and his insensitive best friend must navigate their changing friendship when a flirty boy comes between them. ***** Sixteen...
Downgrading Miss CEO by -_AnnaBanana_-
Downgrading Miss CEOby Anna A. Lane
Hearing she has four months to find a potential husband, get engaged and everything set for a wedding in order to keep her current position as CEO, Lucienne 'Lucy' Harri...
My Tom-Boy Girlfriend by Tarana_B
My Tom-Boy Girlfriendby Tarana B
A Slow-Burn Romance meets Romantic Comedy. What happens when a Guy falls for a Girl who is a Tom-Boy? How will Raghav try to win over Sasha ? Will the traditional ways o...
Her Racing Heart✔️ (Book 1) by Roshini_97
Her Racing Heart✔️ (Book 1)by ROSINI
[Complete story can be read on Dreame app. Search this title to get it. This is just a sample.] Note- Read it's sequel Her Secret Smile which is available on my profile ...
SweetPea Imagines by Katelyn_13_02
SweetPea Imaginesby Katelyn
The title basically states what it is, but in case you didn't know...this is a book compacted of SweetPea imagines. I️ hope you enjoy and fall further in love with him j...
Practice Perfect [bxb] by IlamMalik
Practice Perfect [bxb]by WEABOO
Sitting far at the bottom of the school food chain, Arlo avoids the spotlight. At least in the eyes of everybody but a particular group of horrible Silver Spoon bullies...
Never Gonna Give ü Up( GirlxGirl ) by defiants-breathe
Never Gonna Give ü Up( GirlxGirl )by defiants-breathe
Sequel to "Something Like You" Parker has a successful career. Blake's only goal is happiness. As their relationship progresses and their differences gradually...
Falling For Luke by MackieJay
Falling For Lukeby Mackie Jay
Twenty-two years after the events of "Like Father, Like Son", Luke Bradley is all grown up and coming back home after two years working as a teacher in Africa...
instagram || h.s by harryszn
instagram || h.sby kiana
harry's a talk show host and gets a very special guest. No longer updating this. Thank you for your support <3
Oranges by eccentricadventure
Orangesby Emz ⚯͛♫★
Maxx and Kody are polar opposites, the only event that draws them together is a kiss from a summer two years ago. Kody moved away, while Maxx stayed. When Kody left Max...
Frerard fluff/mcr oneshots by ourladyresurrection
Frerard fluff/mcr oneshotsby Too Punk Rock 4 This
Just a bunch of cute, fluffy oneshots related to frerard and My Chem. I might do a few full length/longer stories but majority will be oneshots! :3 I take suggestions a...