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Hello! Here's the final chapter of this story! I do have a sequel that is completed (wrote it back in 2014) and it's not too long so feel free to read that if you want! There are a lot  of spelling mistakes since I've never touched that story since originally posting it here on Wattpad so I thought I'd warn you!

Thank you so SO much for reading, voting, and commenting on this story! I love you so much and I realized how much I missed writing. I'm working on two stories at the moment, one which is already on Wattpad and receives really slow updates, and another that I plan on starting very soon (well uploading very soon) so I can enter it in this years Watty Awards :D

If you get any chapter update notifications for this story, they aren't actual chapters, but descriptions of my other stories that I have, the first being the sequel which I'll post very soon.

I hope you enjoy this! Bye for now, but not forever :)



"Why the heck does it feel like there's a jackhammer trying to kill me from the inside out?" Avery screamed as she squeezed Luke's hand even harder. I tried my best not to laugh at his face as her nails sunk deeper into his skin. "It's all right babe. She'll be here really soon and the pain will be over," Luke tried to comfort her, but clearly failed as Ave let out another scream and a few heavy swear words. Luke looked at the midwife and doctor desperately and received an apologetic look from both in response.

"She's taken everything that she can to take away as much pain as possible. It's also too late for a C-section. We're just going to have to wait," the doctor explained. "Alright," started the midwife, "Avery, you're going to have to give a few more hard pushes and she'll be out." Avery's mother held onto me worriedly. I rubbed her back to ensure her that everything was going to be ok.

I could see the slight form of figures through the transparent door that exited into the hallway and felt relieved that Avery made enough of a scene to let one additional person into the room. I knew it was Dan and the others pacing around so I wasn't worried about that. Another loud scream erupted from Avery as she pushed as hard as she could. Sweat was covering her entire face and parts of her hair had escaped from her ponytail.

"Alright, two more and we'll be done!" The midwife said and repositioned himself. Avery took a huge breath before she pushed and let out another big scream. "I'm holding on to her head, Avery! Just one more big push and she'll be out." Ave's mother and I sat up straight and held onto each other's hands tightly. Luke looked terrified and didn't seem to notice that his arms were bleeding a bit where Ave's nails were digging in.

"Ah! Mother fu-," Avery was cut off by the sound of loud crying. She seemed really confused at first, but when she looked up at Luke and saw the joy on his face she seemed to understand again and realize that her baby was now here. "Oh my God. We did it! Is she ok? Can I hold her?" Ave asked quickly. The midwife smiled at her and motioned for Luke to go to his side. Luke did and the doctor placed the scissors in is hand. "Cut right here," he showed Luke and he did what he was told.

The midwife wiped the new baby up and wrapped her into a soft blanket after the doctor weighed the little girl and presented her to Avery. The baby girl looked flawless and stopped crying once she was placed in Avery's arms. Ave was now the one crying and gently holding the baby.

"She's so beautiful," Ave whispered as she stroked her cheeks. Luke was at her side and kissed Avery's forehead. "Just like her mother," he said before kissing his baby girl. Ave's mother and I stood up and made our way next to the bed. "She's a perfect mix of you two. Blonde hair like her father, blue eyes like her mother."

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