Chapter Three

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I just edited this chapter (sorry about that) so here it is! I'm going to try and have another one out tonight as this is pretty short. My best advice for this story is to check back once a week so you have at least one chapter to read (usually two) so you don't waste time every day. Thank you so much to those of you who are reading this a second time around and for the new readers! I notice every time you vote and I'm very grateful for it!!! I love you! Enjoy!



"Ave it's 10:00!" I screamed as I put on the clothes that she picked out. She came running out of her room with a ring. I trusted her with everything so I just put it on. Ave had straightened my hair for me after I had my shower and I looked pretty good. I grabbed my phone from the sofa and realized that I had forgotten to charge it and the battery was at 5%. Ave grabbed her car keys since she was going to drive me there and back home after she was done working. If she had to stay over time I'd just call my mom to pick me up.

We headed down to the parking lot and made our way toward the Coffee place. It was a 45-minute drive from the apartment complex we live in so we would make it right on time. If not, I would be fashionably late. My phone started buzzing inside of my purse. The time read 10:58 and below was a notification telling me it was a text from Dan.

Dan: Hey, I just got here. Look for the guy wearing- my phone then turned off. Wonderful. Hopefully we would find each other. It was a small enough coffee-place so it shouldn't be a problem. At least I was only going to be three minutes late. When we finally arrived I walked out of the car and towards the drivers window. Ave turned towards me. "Good Luck! If things go too far, use protection!" And drove off before I could yell at her. I turned to face the coffee place and took a deep breath before making my way in.

There were about seven people inside. An old couple sitting in the corner holding hands (which was adorable), a woman with what I believed to be her husband and son, a tall guy with his back faced to me, and a man in his late 30's who was sitting alone and was very obviously undressing me with his eyes. I shuddered and made my way towards the man. "Are you Dan?" I asked him and really hoped that he wasn't. He looked at me up and down before licking his lips. "That's not my name but you could call me that if you'd like baby," and winked. I felt the relief running through me when I realized that it wasn't Dan's voice. I then heard a cough from behind me and turned around to look into the most beautiful blue eyes I'd ever seen.

"Hey, I overheard you say my name and I'm just wondering if you're Sky?" The deep voice spoke. I recognized that voice belonged to Dan and boy was he Hot. "Yeah actually," I stuttered a bit, "you're Dan, aren't you?" I face palmed myself then and there. Of course this is Dan, he just told you he heard you say his name. 'Idiot', I thought to myself before awkwardly smiling. Dan chuckled. Why would he ever need a dating service to find someone? "Yes I am. You look great," he told me with an adorable smile. The cashier than called his name and handed him a really nice bouquet of pink and white roses. "These are for you," Dan said as he handed the flowers over to me. "I wasn't sure what type of flowers you liked, but I know you like pink and white," he said shyly and picked at his collar.

"They're beautiful," I said, as I smelled them. The flowers were amazing, but he was even more amazing for remembering my favourite colours and going through the trouble of buying them for me. "You're amazing too," he said now looking more confident. I looked at Dan confused, but realization struck hard. "I said that out loud didn't I?" I really need to work on that. Dan chuckled again. I don't think I'd ever get tired of hearing his deep laugh. "Yes, but that's not why I said it back. You're fun to talk to and you're crazy beautiful." He said as if it were something normal to say. I sure as hell wasn't use to hearing that. I took a while to answer because I didn't want to stutter.

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