Chapter Seventeen

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We posed in front of the mirrors with our dresses on. I was wearing a black strapless tight-fitting shirt with a beautiful white skirt paired with black fabric pumps. Avery was wearing a red dress that came down to her knees and really high black stilettos. She was still shorter than me with those shoes on, but to be fair I had a few inches because of my heels. Ave styled my hair into pretty curls while I straightened hers.

We put on simple earrings and natural makeup before finally deciding that we looked good enough for dinner with the boys, which is what we were guessing was going to be happening. We put our phones in our purses before making our way down to the hotels lobby. Since we hid our presents from Dan and Luke, we decided to buy simple gift bags so we could give them our presents during dinner.

"Miss Evans! Miss Hope! Don't leave yet. There will be a car waiting for you near the tour bus stop. Your friends told me to make sure you knew about it," The manager said as she ran towards us. I looked at Ave who mirrored my puzzled expression. Weren't the boys going to come pick us up in a taxi? I thought as I took my phone out of my purse. "Thank you for telling us," Avery said to the manager before we made our way through the main entrance. I texted Dan, but he just told me to get into the only car we see near the bus stop.

"What if we don't see the car and someone else is there and they turn out to be a killer?" Avery thought out loud. "Don't worry, Ave. I'm sure he wouldn't put us in any danger," I said before we turned onto the main road. As soon as I looked up I saw bright headlights coming from a parked car. We couldn't make out the colour or the type of car since the high beams were on so we slowly made our way towards it. As we got closer it became easier to see and parked right in front of the tour bus stop was a shiny black limousine.

"Wow, they got us a limo," I said in surprise. Avery's eyes were wide open before the doors to the limo opened exposing our boyfriends to us. "You look beautiful," Dan and Luke said simultaneously, but looking at different girls. Avery and I smiled at them. "Thank you," I said with a huge smile. "You look really handsome." Dan opened the door for me to get inside. I thanked him before climbing in and sitting down, admiring how nice the interior was. The seats were all black leather and the roof of the car let us see the sky, which was starting to get darker seeing as it was around seven o'clock in the evening. After everyone was seated in the car, Dan tapped the glass that separated us from the driver and nodded at the man who nodded back and started driving.

"Would you girls like some wine?" Luke asked us, nodding towards the bottles. Avery and I nodded before he grabbed our cups. "Don't get too crazy," Dan joked as he sat down next to me. I playfully punched his right arm. "You know that red wine helps open the appetite?" I said with a smirk on my face. He grinned at me. "Perfect, because you're going to need an appetite for tonight," he winked before pouring the liquid into my glass. After about twenty minutes, the limo came to a stop and the little glass window rolled down.

"We have arrived," the driver announced with his heavy accent and a huge smile across his face. "I'll be around so if you come back earlier than you said, you can just come inside with this key," he said while holding out a key for Dan. Dan thanked the nice driver and took the key before helping me out of the car. As soon as I stepped out of the car I realized that the only sound I could hear were the people inside of the restaurant and the distinct sound of water. I looked at the beautiful restaurant and looked at the name that read "BAY HOUSE," located directly above the doors. "Shall we?" Dan said while holding out his arm. I smiled before gladly looping my arm through his. "We shall." As soon as we walked in, Dan explained that we had our own table while Avery and Luke had their own not too far away from ours, but still too far for them to hear our conversations.

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