Chapter Twenty-Two

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"He's your what?" Maria screamed as she quickly stood up. Bill tried to calm her down, but it wasn't doing anything. "Mom! Let us explain before you jump to any conclusions," Dan tried, but Maria wasn't having any of it. "You little whore! You're only dating him for marks and his money," Maria was pointing at me. "What's next? Are you going to get pregnant so you can trap him or did you already do that?" she continued to scream. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing could come out. Dan's mother just accused me of something so wrong and it hurt. Tears started streaming down my face before Evie grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room. The last thing I heard before she brought me up the stairs was, "You need to end things with her now, Daniel!"

Once the door to the washroom closed behind me I fell to the floor sobbing. How meeting his parents completely change from amazing to horrifying in the span of a few minutes? "Shh Sky, it's going to be ok. I believe that you love my brother. I can see it in your eyes that you love him," Evie said as she rubbed my back soothingly. I cried for a few more minutes before I started to calm down.

"Thanks Evie," I croaked, "but your mother obviously doesn't see it," I said sadly as I stood up to just sit on the toilet again. If I weren't feeling like crap I would probably be in awe from how beautiful the washroom was. "Of course she doesn't see it. My parents have never been in love with each other. They just get along with each other well and decided to get married. I don't think either of them has ever been in love," Evie explained. I looked up at her in bewilderment.

"Really?" Maria and Bill look so happy together. Now that I think of it... that was it. There's nothing special about the way that they look at each other. They just love each other in a way that you would love your parents or a sibling. Evie nodded and went into one of the drawers. She took out makeup remover wipes and helped me wash off the mascara that smudged underneath my eyes.

"Hopefully Danny explains things well to mother. She's really overprotective of him," Evie said across from me, while sitting on the bathtubs ledge. I cocked an eyebrow at her. "I take it you're daddy's little girl and Dan is a momma's boy?" I asked and laughed when Evie nodded proudly. "That's awesome. I'm an only child so it's always been pretty even for me. I'm guessing that you're the only one that calls him Danny?" Evie tied her hair up and confirmed. "I've been calling him that since we were kids. He usually calls me "Eves" or "Eve," but sometimes he just calls me Evie. I only get called Evelyn when I'm in trouble," she said while sniggering. She reminds me of Avery a lot.

Evie was doing a great job at distracting me for a while before I heard a door nearby slam. It was probably Maria.

"Do you think she convinced Dan to break up with me?" I asked cautiously. I really didn't want Dan to end things because of this. Evie shook her head and gave me encouraging smile. "The Danny I know grew up talking about marrying the girl he falls in love with. That's why he never really dated except for his one ex girlfriend, but that wasn't serious and it was in high school. Too many girls wanted him for his looks and money, but he was always set on finding that one girl. The fact that you're even with Danny must mean that he plans on keeping you around for as long as he can," Evie said completely seriously while holding my shoulders. When she mentioned marriage I felt butterflies flying around inside of my stomach. Will we ever get married? Will Dan find someone better than me and marry her? Hopefully not. I decided to change the subject until I was calmed down confront the situation.

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