Chapter Six

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I'm on a role! Another chapter! Hopefully I can keep uploading super frequently :) This chapter is a little bit longer than the previous two so I hope you enjoy that! Next chapter will be soon and might (I haven't decided yet) be a little PG-13+, but if I decide to edit it that way I'll put a little warning up. Pic is of Sky's outfit later on in the chapter:) Love you all!!



It's been two months and Dan and I have still been going out on dates. He hasn't officially asked me to be his girlfriend yet. I really hope that he will before school starts. It's already the 29th of August, the last weekend before school and before he has to start working full time. We would probably only have time for each other on the weekends since I work most weekday nights. Thinking about school made me nervous. I needed to go back-to-school shopping badly. Maybe I could ask Avery on our lunch break. I hate working on Saturdays, but I won't be working any full time days until winter break if I don't end up going on vacation.

After what seemed like four hours, but was really only 20 minutes, I put the last puppy's water bowl in his window area. Kids were ogling the dogs. I have to admit, I may hate working, but I love my job. I get to be around dogs all day. I just don't like cleaning up after them. "Hey, Ave?" I said while she was putting her apron away. "Yeah." She said from the back. "We have an hour. Will you go back-to-school shopping with me?" I begged. Avery hates school and barely buys anything other then pencils. "Fine. But you owe me big time!" I was so desperate that I agreed. Ave had a scary little mind so I would just have to worry about it later.


After 45 minutes of shopping we had everything we needed. I even forced Avery to buy one of those huge notebooks so she wouldn't have to keep using my paper. "We still have 15 minutes left. Want to get ice cream?" Ave asked. I immediately nodded. I'd never say no to ice cream. We were in line about to pay for our ice cream while we heard someone yell our names. We both looked in the direction of the noise to see Luke running towards us. "Let me pay for you girls," he said with a cheeky grin. "How do we know it's not counterfeit?" Ave replied. "Excuse me, there's a line here," a lady said from behind us. Avery turned around and glared at the woman. The lady closed her mouth and took a step back. Luke chuckled at gave the cashier the money. "Thanks Luke, that was nice of you." I said as Avery glared at him.

"No problem, I had to make it up to Avery for accidentally walking in to the girls washroom." Ave rolled her eyes. "Are you sure that's all?" She asked. Luke smirked. "Actually, I would like to watch you girls work. Maybe hold a puppy or two." I glanced at Ave and back at him. "Alright, just make sure you look like you want to buy them. And don't act like you know us." I said. Avery huffed and stalked off towards the bench in front of the store. Luke laughed. "Alright. I'll be there in 10," Luke said and went into Abercrombie and Fitch and started flirting with a sales lady.

"I'm going to make him hold Pee-wee," Avery said with an evil glimmer in her eyes. Pee-wee is a nickname that we gave to one of the puppies that pee's every time you hold him for more than a few seconds. I started laughing and spoke. "Isn't that kind of harsh Ave? He did just buy us ice-cream." Ave glared at me. "He walked into the girls washroom on purpose! He smirked at me before saying "oops, my bad." And walked out! On purpose!" I just shut up before she would get louder. "Fine, but I'm not going to be the one that gives Pee-wee to him. I'm not risking getting peed on." I said and threw the empty cup into the garbage can. "Deal," Ave said and we walked into the pet store.

Ten minutes later Luke walked into the store. He was talking to the sales lady who pointed towards Ave and I. Luke winked at her before he walked over to us. "I would like to see a few puppies," Luke said smugly. I sighed and showed him into the backroom where the window opens up so you can take the puppies out. I handed him a cute Yorkie whose name was Nutella. He cooed at her for a while before handing her back. "Too small, I don't want to sit on her." He said. Next, I gave him a Shih Tzu. "Too fluffy," he said. I was reaching in for a Daschund when Luke stopped me. "I want to see Avery's choice of dogs." He then turned and faced Avery who was hiding her smile very well. "Ok. How about a Jack Russell?" She picked up Pee-wee and handed him to Luke.

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