Chapter Fifteen

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Hello! I literally just got out of my last exam a little over an hour ago (law) so I'm uploading now! I'm working full time for the summer term, but I'll be uploading one or two chapters a week so don't worry! I'm also going to go back to Once Upon A Storm so if you're an OUT fan you should add that to your reading list :)




Almost three months passed since we started planning out our vacation. It was already the 19th of December, which meant it was the last day of school before winter break. I had seen Garrett a few other times when he invited me to other parties, but I only went to two because of my job and school work. I didn't feel as weird going out with him. I was even beginning to consider him as a friend because of how nice he was. He never attempted to make a move on me, which I was very thankful for. Dan stuck to his plan and made sure to find out what every student was doing for his or her vacation. Luckily, no one would be going to Costa Rica. The students that were going on vacation were mostly going to Florida, Mexico and Cuba, but most students weren't leaving the country at all since they'd be going on a graduation trip at the end of the school year.

I got a few detentions with Dan here and there for not completing (or not attempting) my homework on several occasions, but at least it gave us time to talk about random things in our lives without becoming intimate. I somehow managed to hand every assignment on time without failing too badly while Avery maintained her 96% average without even breaking a sweat. School was the last thing Ave and I had on our minds. We were so excited about getting on a flight tomorrow that we didn't even acknowledge Brittany walking up to our table. She was wearing a skimpy outfit (which probably broke a dozen school dress codes) and blue contact lenses.

"Why isn't it the loner witch? Why do you even hang out with this," Brittany started and pointed her finger to Avery while coming up with a name for me, "Freak?" She finished. Avery tried getting up, but I pulled her down and got up myself. I walked directly in front of Brittany. I had the advantage because even though Brittany was wearing heels, I was still a good three inches taller than her. "You really want to know why, Bitch?" I questioned loudly which made many people stop talking to look at me. Before Brittany could respond I continued. "I hang out with my best friend because she is nice, smart, funny, not a slut, not an attention whore, isn't fake in any way, is naturally beautiful and she doesn't trash on people or spread rumors because she's not happy with her own life," I answered slowly, but made sure to sound as intimidating as I could while looking straight into her fake blue eyes.

"In fact, she feels bad when she hears rumors about other people who have done nothing to deserve them. That's why I hang out with her. In my eyes she is the coolest person I have ever met and you are the biggest loser," I said really loudly since I could no longer control what was going to come out of my mouth. "Me a loser? If I were a loser people wouldn't be begging to sit with me. If I were a loser I wouldn't be on the cheer squad. If I were a loser I wouldn't have had many boyfriends," She said angrily before looking around and smirking. She took a step back before speaking loudly and getting the attention of the entire cafeteria that was now quiet. "I bet you never had a boyfriend or even a guy that had the slightest interest in you. I bet you were annoying the hell out of Garrett for him to invite you to those parties. You probably acted like a slut to get anyone's attention," she screamed which made many people gasp and start talking to one another. I crossed my arms and laughed at her.

"Stop it Brittany!" A deep voice yelled from the popular table. Everyone turned to see Garrett getting up. "You can't keep doing this," he said as he walked over to us. He clapped his hands to make sure everyone was paying attention. "Sky Evans did not do anything to get me to invite her to those parties. In fact, she actually turned me down several times at first. I invited her because I wanted to. We've never done anything with one another other than speak and dance so everything you just said is complete bull shit," he spat at her while standing at my side. "I'm pretty sure many of you agree that Sky is a nice person and is far from being a slut. I'm sure you guys know that about Avery too," he spoke and turned to Ave before shooting her a smile. Her mouth was wide open at everything that was happening.

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