Chapter Twelve

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I think this chapter is a bit longer (according to the page count on word). You're going to like this one I hope! Pic is of Avery (Amy Lee - My favourite singer). 


The rest of the week was a blur. It was finally Friday afternoon with only a few seconds of school to spare. "Don't forget that the chapter one questions are due on Tuesday!" Ms. Morris yelled after my class, who looked ready to race out of the room. Everyone groaned at the homework reminder.

"Sky, hurry up!" Avery said loudly. Not in her usual way, but in her creepy monotone voice. "Calm down, Ave. We'll make it before six," I said as I took my sweater out from my locker. Avery was practically dragging me to the doors before I remembered that I had to say bye to Dan. Avery rolled her eyes and sighed at me as if she had read my mind. "Quickly," she said, "I'll be in the car." I ran to the math hall and started walking when I turned into it. Never know when the hall monitor would pop up. I walked over to the door that read S24 and knocked. The door opened as I was knocking and I was pulled inside, which made me let out a scared yelp.

"Hello Beautiful. What brings you here?" Dan said as I caught my breath. "I just thought that I'd say goodbye and ask you-," he cut me off with a small kiss. "Ask me what?" he asked with a smirk on his face. I walked over to the door and opened it. "Ask you if we have to do all of the homework questions or just alternate?" Dan chuckled and sat down at his desk. "It's the weekend so alternate questions. Have a great weekend, Miss Evans." I smiled at him. "You too Mr. Phillips," I said before running to the parking lot.

"What took you so long?" Avery questioned in her normal voice as soon as closed the car door. "Hooray! Your normal voice and attitude is back!" I celebrated. Ave rolled her eyes at me. "Whatever. Let's just go. I got a text from your mom. She invited me and my parents over for dinner tonight," Avery explained before she started driving towards the highway. "Awesome," I answered as I checked my social media. "What are we having?" Ave asked as she turned out of the school parking lot onto the main road. "Lasagna," was my answer, which was enough for Ave to go a little faster out of excitement.


"So how was your first week of school?" My mom asked Avery and I. I put on a fake smile before answering. "It was good. Better than last year." Everyone nodded in agreement and looked over at Avery expectantly. "What? School sucks. I guess it's better than last year, but I still hate it," she said monotone. How and why Avery keeps her act up around her parents is a mystery. "So, Sky," Started Mrs. Hope. "How's your boyfriend?" I tensed up as everyone's gazes were back on me. "He's great. I'm really only going to get a chance to see him on the weekends because of school and his work," I said, instantly regretting the last few words. "What does he do?" Mr. Hope asked. I gulped.

"Umm well, he just graduated out of university so he's liking it so far," I answered, ignoring his question. Mr. Hope opened his mouth to say something, but Avery interrupted him. "Hey, Ellie, did you put anything different in here?" The lasagna tasted the same, but Ave had managed to save me temporarily from questions. My mom looked at Avery. "No dear, same as usual." Ave nodded and continued to eat while I cracked my fingers. I did not want anyone to find out what Dan's job is—especially not Avery's parents. They would call the school board and turn him in.

I quickly finished up the delicious lasagna and asked my mom to write down the recipe for me. I wanted to make it tomorrow for when Dan and Luke came over. "It was nice seeing you again, Sky," Mrs. Hope said as I put on my shoes. "It was nice seeing you too Mister and Misses Hope," I responded. "Please behave, Avery. We don't want last year repeating itself," Mr. Hope pleaded. Last year the senior cheer bitches at the time and her followers tried making fun of Avery, which didn't end up turning out so well. Let's just say that they were caught up in a slippery situation in the changing room. Avery smirked slightly, probably thinking about it. "I'll try... Maybe," She responded which got her a sigh in return from her mother. I gave my mom a quick hug and told her to say hi to my dad when he called. She told me to say hi to Dan and wished us good luck with making dinner for tomorrow.

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