Chapter Nineteen

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I'M SO SORRY HOW LATE THIS IS! I honestly keep forgetting! I've been so busy with work and school and Steven's (my boyfriend) work (because it's super cool and has lots of events) that I just keep forgetting to upload! I have a few more edited chapters, but I still want to space them out a little bit. Basically if I ever go more than 5 days without posting feel free to tweet me or comment on my discussion board reminding me (nicely please) that I forgot. Anyway, here's the new chapter! Here's a picture of Sky's mom!



The next day we spent the morning packing so we could enjoy what we had left of our vacation. Sadly, we were leaving late at night so we had to be out of the hotel for four o'clock in the afternoon. We ended up spending most of our time in the airport. The plane ride was something else. Toronto would be negative twenty-four so we felt like we were in a sauna the entire flight in our puffy jackets. When we finally arrived in Toronto we were happy to see the snow, but not so happy about the cold.

It was finally the day of the dinner with my parents. "Is my tie too blue?" Dan asked as I slipped on a new pair of black ballerina flats. "How can something be too blue? It looks great," I assured Dan. He looked great in his casual, yet formal suit.

"Should I wear a jock strap?" He asked. I sent him a look that screamed "Are you serious?" before shaking my head and pulling him out of my room.

"He won't kill you, Dan. He'll probably be mad and worried, but he won't attempt to break us apart. We'll explain everything," I said. Dan gulped and nodded. After tying his shoes a million times before they looked "presentable," we headed out. While we were in the elevator I started to laugh at my thoughts.

"What's so funny? I don't have something on my face, do I?" Dan asked as he frantically checked all angles of his face in the elevators mirror. "You don't. It's just that a few days ago I was stressing out about this and you were all calm. Now the tables have turned," I explained while laughing. As soon as I got to Dan's car I spotted the roses. "So I can sweeten your mom up enough that she won't throw her best cutlery at me," Dan explained before I could even ask. When I opened the car door there was a beautiful red rose and a nice white one next to it.

"I known your favourite colour is white, but I really love you so I also got you a red one," Dan said softly while looking into my eyes. My eyes started to well up with tears at how loving and thoughtful Dan was. I don't deserve him. "I love you so much," I croaked out before Dan kissed me passionately, but this one made me feel so different from all of the times he has kissed me before. Dan wiped away the single tear that escaped my eye. That's when I started to freak out again. What if my Dad threatens us?

"What if he makes us break up so we can avoid getting in trouble?" "That probably won't happen, Sky. If it does, we will find a way to make it work. I'll wait for you," Dan said confidently. Now I was back to worrying. Awesome. Dan turned on the radio so I could distract myself. We were on a rock station that played songs that I'd never heard and I was thankful for it. Pop music irritated me and they'd play the same things over and over again.

As soon as we pulled up into my parent's driveway my mother ran outside screaming in happiness. Instead of running to me like she usually did, she ran to Dan and gave him a huge hug that almost made him drop the flowers. I heard coughing from behind me and when I turned around I squealed just like Avery would. My father was standing right there with his arms outstretched for me.

"Daddy! I missed you do much!" I screamed before jumping on him and wrapping my arms around him as tightly as I possibly could. "I missed you too, sweetie," my father said. We hugged for at least five minutes before he let go. "Let's go inside. It's freezing," dad said while looking at what I was wearing. "You shouldn't be wearing flats when it's snowing," he said as he led be through the doors. "I almost forgot to give you a hug!" my mother said as she gave me a huge hug. I looked over at Dan who stuck his hand out to my father, but was pulled into a big man hug.

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