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I have always loved horror games. The thrill and the adrenaline rush you get from playing them is the most amazing feeling but my favorite horror game so far is Amnesia: Justine.

It was Saturday night and I was on my laptop enjoying commentated walkthroughs of the game. My hands covered my face with two fingers open allowing me to see the screen.

The commentator had dropped the gear used to open the gate to run from one of the three suitors, Malo. The commentator searched frantically for the gear but it was to late. Malo busted through the gate with superhuman strength saying his infamous "Bonjour" line as he ran toward the player.

Terrified I paused the video right when you could see malo perfectly. I had to admit he was my favorite suitor but the tension of having to outrun him startled me. I closed my laptop

"Enough for the night." I whispered to myself and with that I got off my bed to go get myself a drink from the kitchen to calm myself down. I felt strange walking to the kitchen.

It was unusually darker than normal but you shrugged it off and proceeded forward. Once in the kitchen I turned the switch for light, but nothing come on.

"That's odd father just put in a new light bulb yesterday."

feeling a bit shake i reached for the table where the coke bottles were. instead of warm plastic I felt something cold and hard. Curious i picked it up and fiddled with it. It was a contains presumably a bottle. I lifted the cold glass to my mouth and drank the cold liquid inside.

"Ugh." I groaned, the liquid made me feel weird and with that I dropped the bottle and fell to the floor.

I awakened on a cold hard floor hearing faint moans. With all my strength I turned my head slightly and what I saw terrified me. A long skinny figure was walking away from a bared door. Biting my tongue I was able to hold back a scream of terror. After what I witnessed I fell unconscious again.

In a few minutes I woke up again, I slowly turned my head toward the bared door feeling a sharp pain in my neck. The monster wasn't there, with a sight of relive I slowly got up and dusted myself off. I looked around the room and gasped. I knew what this room was it was the beginning room to Amnesia: Justine.

"This can't be." Warm tears start to roll down my cheeks.

I wiped my tears away and looked to the side of the room. In the corner I saw a Phonograph, I walked towards it and turned the crank.

"Bienevenue, you are now listening to the sound of my disembodied voice. it will serve you no purpose to look for me, for this is a voice from the past. I bid you welcome to my cabinet of perturbation. It is my study of the human psyche-specifically yours. A set of recordings have been prepared to chaperone you through the chambers ahead. There are a few parts to this study and it is up to you-not only to pass, but to figure out what elements are important. Please go on, move into the next chamber. Just remember they can all be saved, there is always a way."

I stared dumbstruck at the phonograph and at that moment I was 100% positive this was now real. New tears started to roll down my cheeks and I fell to my knees crying for a few minutes.

"Come on get up." I thought to myself.

"You wont survive if you keep crying here."

I got up and dusted myself off as well as I could and went through my memories of this game to see what I'd have to do next. I looked to my right side and saw a lantern hanging by a rope. The rope was tied to lock on the door as well as the crank on the phonograph. A grin spread across my face and I happily reached for the lantern and snatched it off the rope.

A second later the rope broke the lock on the door and and the door opened. I walked out slowly and brought out my lantern. My grin quickly turned into a frown.

"Great, no oil."

I sighed and decided to keep the lantern anyways. I started down the hall with a slow walk. As soon as I got to a right turn I stopped dead in my tracks as a blood curtailing screech shook the hallway. My feet beckoned for me to run back to the hall but I kept going.

"Great more dividing paths."

I muttered grouchy under my breath. Making my decision I walked down the left hall but stopped to look into a grate. I hate myself for doing so but I was curious.

What I saw was absolutely terrifying it was the monster I saw when I awoke in the cell. Its eye sockets were hollow and it was bald with pale white skin, many scars and dried blood landscaped its body. and there were chains wrapped around its legs and a cogwheel strapped tightly around its neck. Even knowing that it cant see me I turned away from the grate and put my chest against the wall my chest heaving with sobs.

Even though I know exactly what to do in this game I couldn't help but seemed confused and helpless when walking down the hall. I got myself pulled together and continued to the the left. The hall took me too a cave in with what seemed like a broken latter on the floor.

"If I remember correctly this will come in handy." With that said I left the cave in and continued to the right.

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