Robert the Doll Fictional Twist

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As a child, who hasn't dreamed of a favorite doll or a teddy bear coming to life and being a very best friend, forever and ever?... Eugine Robert Otto had a doll that stayed with him his whole life. This doll was given to the 6 year old Robert by the family's maid, who was said to practice voodoo. It was the perfect image of the boy, and it was even named Robert after him. As a kid Eugine developed a strange fascination with Robert, spending a lot of time talking to it, and if anything went wrong at home, Eugine always knew who to blame: "It was Robert!" he would tell his parents, "Robert did it!".

Eugine became a happily married to a beautiful woman named Anne, whom he had met in college and feel deeply in love with. After departing from college with his degree, Eugine moved with his wife Anne into a lovely three story home, and Robert of course, went with them. Anne hated that disgusting thing. It gave her chills just looking at it. She demanded it be locked away in the attic, packed with the other miscellaneous boxes and items that had yet to be given their own place.

Robert stayed in the attic from a long while. The happy wife and husband settled into their lovely neighborhood, met most, if not all of the neighbors, and invited their parents over after everything was spick and span, organized; everything was found a home. Except for Robert, of course, who was left in the attic.

All seemed well.Eugine had just made a pot a coffee for both he and his wife, to start their day well. It was a little after 6 am when Anne strode in, smelling the coffee that had just been made. She was startled to find Eugine standing next to the coffee pot, staring directly at her. His facial expression was an angry one, and his cold, menacing eyes barred her to the spot.

"What's wrong, dear?" Anne said quietly. You seem quite angry! Did the coffee ma-"

Eugine interrupted her with a gravely, almost unearthly low voice. "You won't leave Robert to rot in the attic. You've made Robert very angry."

The man picked the scorching hot pot of coffee off of the maker and slung the entire container at her. She screamed as she was hit with the boiling hot liquid. She trembled from the awful heat. She was sure to have burns all over. She wiped the coffee off of her face, opened her eyes and began to yell. Just as she uttered the first word, Eugine's eyes rolled back into his head, he stumbled back, and hit his head on the tile with a THUMP.

"Thump thump thump..." came a noise from the upstairs of the house. It continued for about a minute before the wife saw a terrifying thing. Robert was at the top of the spiral staircase, grinning devilishly at Anne. She could not take any more. She passed out and hit her head with a loud THUMP. An unholy cackle erupted from Robert before he trotted back to the attic, where he was placed.

Anne woke with a startle. She found in a tub of freezing cold water, her husband at her side. She sloshed around in the bubble bath for a little while, uneasily. "I'd thought I cool your burns." he said in a comforting tone. I woke up in the kitchen to find you covered in coffee, passed out on the floor!

"Eugine, you need to get rid of that doll. That thing-there's something terribly wrong with it. I want it locked away somewhere. I want it gone, or I'll be gone by tomorrow."

"I-I-Okay." Eugine said, defeated. He knew there was no sense in arguing. "I'll lock it him in the guest room I suppose." Eugine started out of the room and towards the attic.

Anne opened her eyes and looked around the room. "Maybe finally this madness will end." she said quietly to herself. She was just about to close her eyes when a mysterious item caught her eye. Behind the miscellaneous items on the counter of the bathroom, a small piece of fabric, looking quite like a hand, stuck out. The fabric slowly crept up and made a motion which seemed to be a wave. Anne let out a piercing scream.

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