Saint Sigfrid Is Burning

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Note: This is a transcript of a patient in a deep depressive state of psychosis in 2005, in Vaxjo Psychiatric Ward, Vaxjo, Sweden. All subject matter about this patient is strictly confidential, and the only knowledge of him is due to his involvement in a Black Metal project in the late 1990s named Silencer. This text was originally posted in his book, Grishjarta. As such, it does not technically qualify as a Creepypasta, but rather an insight into a lost mind.

It's mental... all the shit is mental... sitting here watching the door... running the whole fucking time, checking under the door and seeing what's going on, you can see the feet... they have watched the whole damn time, stop them damn it... fucking Ullman too, do not fucking cut down on medication... no, if they cut down on the medicine I'm going then all hell breaks loose, fucking hell... then I'm off to Varnamo... and then I lie there on a cliff and wait... the whole fucking shit is anxiety, even this recording is fucking anxiety

Just listen, just listen to this shit, just listen to the fucking anxiety, you fucking gypsy blood, fuck off for fuck's sake... what the hell do you know about anything? A fucking facade it is, pure fucking facade it is...

And these walls, you never been on the inside, and you will never fucking get inside them either.

For the absolute nothingness, the absolute nothingness... mental cancer... St.Sigfrid is burning... fucking hell... no... no... damn... damn them... irrevocable, irrevocable the absolute nothingness... for the absolute nothingness... understanding for the absolute nothingness... for the absolute nothingness... understanding for fuck's sake.

Understanding... understanding... understanding.

No... why? Why? Wake me, wake me, wake me, wake up, wake up, wake up...

No... the purity, the purity, the purity... Broder Bodel, Broder Bodel and the peace-maker, the peace-maker.

It's just storage, it's just storage don't you understand? It's just storage.

They are nursing me 'til death, nursing me 'til death.

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