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It was a regular day in my town. I walked into the second-hand store and browsed the flash drives. A particular one caught my eye. It was plain white, with “playground videos” written on it in brown sharpie.

I took it to the checkout. I asked the woman monitoring the checkout how much it would cost. “You don’t want that USB.” she warned me. I ignored her and told her to tell me how much it would cost in a stern tone. “Erm… you can have it for…” She paused. I shook her. “Free!” she said gleefully. She passed me a receipt, and I thanked her.

I walked down the street and arrived home. I turned on my PC and logged on. I placed the flash drive in the USB port of the computer. An auto play window popped up, and I selected “View files in folder”. What was there perplexed me. There was one file named “playground.avi” and no other files, apart from a web link to Google.

I opened “playground.avi” and it showed a children’s playground. It showed children playing and having fun. That continued for around an hour of footage (the file itself was 2 hours long).

After the hour it got dark and parents arrived and took their children home. After that, no one was there for 30 minutes of footage. After that, a shadowy figure ran through the park. 30 seconds passed. The same figure ran again, this time closer to the camera.

Again, the figure ran. This time after 10 seconds the figure ran up to the camera and then the footage cut to static. I waited, passing the time by making muffins. I came back with a blueberry flavoured muffin and sat down.

It was on the last 10 minutes of video. After I waited for 5 miniutes it showed the figure in an interview room, still shadowy. It was in the fetal position. The figure once again turned, the rest of the file being static and garbled portions of an image of the playground from the first scene of the file. The file ended.

I closed down my computer. I am still looking into the mystery of “playground.avi”. I travelled to the store to ask who donated it. They said a figure wearing a robe which concealed its face donated the flash drive. The figure from the video. Every time I watch the video frame-by-frame I get a blue screen when I would see the figures face.

The mystery is highly unlikely to ever be solved.

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