Dark Link Returns

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Blasted back through a glass door, Jacob’s life flashed before his eyes. Realizing that everything that happened that day was leading up to this. His death. While he was flashing back through his life, he tried to remember exactly what happened that morning.

Instantly, he started to image what he had done. That morning, Jacob was reading through a book for school. Excited to finish the book, he was speedily reading through. He had heard a noise that then sounded like soft slams, and footsteps.

“Hey mom?” he called out in curiosity.

A few seconds of dead silence occurred before a faint “Yes Jacob?” whistled through the house. “OK, its just mom.” he thought.

He continued to read the last few pages.

“I’m done!” he yelled to his mother.

“Great job, Jacob. I’m going out for the night. So you can play video games until 10:30.”

Jacob quickly raced to his bedroom, where his several game systems, and games were contained. Quickly, Jacob dashed to his Nintendo 64 to put in his favorite game, “Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. The screen flashed and the game wouldn’t load.

Then he realized that he forgot to blow on the game cartridge. After blowing on it, and putting the game back in, it finally loaded. He started a new game, because the game in file one was already beaten. The beginning cutscene had started. It was just like all of the other times. Long and boring. Playing through quickly, because he knew every twist and turns, he was suddenly in Jabu-Jabu’s stomach.

Suddenly, instead of the usual sprite of Princess Ruto, the sprite of Dark Link appeared. He then remembered that there were small glitches here and there on this playthrough, but nothing like this. Curiously, Jacob approached the sprite, and hit the A button to talk to it.

All Dark Link said was “...Death...Death...Death...........”

Then a yes, no box appeared. Obviously Jacob picked the No option.

Another box appeared and it said “Do or die!” along with another yes, no box. Jacob tried to choose No again, but the same text box appeared. After about 10 minutes, Jacob reluctantly chose Yes. The game started to static, and almost completely glitched out. The static then cleared, and Jacob was in the Water Temple, where you would normally encounter Dark Link. For some reason, there was no exit.

Dark Link was by where he normally stood at. Jacob’s camera view was now stuck in third person. Dark Link approached regular Link. Link then flew across the room, and out into a grassy area. “THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!” Jacob was really freaked out, so he tried to turn off the system. Success! It was about time for dinner, so Jacob went down to the kitchen to eat.

'He turned on the TV for some Saturday night cartoons. The TV then went staticy, and Dark Link’s face appeared on the screen.

The clip of Link getting flung out to a grassy area was played over and over, while Dark Link screamed “THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!” repeatedly.

Dark Link then said in a calm voice, “If you come back, and play, I’ll go easy on you.” Jacob was terrified to play more, but even more terrified at the thought of what will happen if he DIDN’T go play. Slowly walking up to his room, Jacob heard the slams and footsteps again. This time, they were loud, and close. Jacob quickly raced into his room, and turned on the console. With a greeting from Dark Link, Jacob closed his eyes. This time, when he spawned into the Water Temple, Neither Link was there. Jacob was just a wandering camera.

The thuds got louder, and louder. His bedroom door suddenly opened to a man who resembled Dark Link. “I told you this would happen to you!” Before Jacob could respond, he was thrown out of his room, and hit the wall. Jacob quickly jolted up, and ran downstairs. He then realized that this was exactly what happened in the game! Dark Link jumped down the stairs, and then he threw Jacob through the glass door.

The flashback was now over, and Jacob was lying on the ground, with Dark Link screaming

“DO OR DIE! THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU! DEATH, DEATH, DEATH!” Jacob dashed back into the house, and ran up to his room. Frantically looking around, he thought that if he removed the game, that Dark Link would go away.

Just as he touched the game, Dark Link smashed the door, and yelled “DON’T TOUCH THAT GAME!” Obviously not listening, Jacob ripped out the game from the console. Dark Link, then morbidly melted right before Jacob’s eyes. He threw the cartridge at the wall, where it too melted.

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