Don't Play with the Orphaned Child

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On any given day or night, if you wander into a forest, a little girl may approach you. She doesn’t always show up, nor does she always notice you, but do not be alarmed if you hear a child’s voice shout out to you, “Hellooo~!”

If you choose to ignore her, you will not be able to leave the forest, and she will follow you until you acknowledge her presence.

You can talk to the girl for as long as you like, and ask her as many questions as you want to. If you ask her where her parents are, she will cheerfully tell you that they are dead. Most likely, she will ask your name and quickly ask if you want to play a game. If you respond ‘no’, the same as when you ignore her will happen. If you continue to tell her that you will not play a game, your body will be found deep within the forest, mutilated by blade wounds.

If you answer ‘yes’, the girl will immediately tell you that you are going to play hide-and-seek. At that point, if you say that you do not want to play with her, she will simply force you to play anyways.

No matter where you hide, she will find you. And then she will stab you with a large knife. If you manage to avoid her blade, she will simply aim to stab you again. Do NOT let her continue with the game. It does not matter if you let her stab you. Immediately get out of that forest (ignore her pleads for you to stay), and never go back in, or else the little girl will find you. And if she does, she will not let you leave again.

If you choose to continue playing, you will be stuck in the forest with her forever, playing her twisted games.

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