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So I grew up with my brother and my sister, and we all lived on my older brothers gamecube. We had a few games like Wind Waker, Luigis Mansion, Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Mario Sunshine, and Four Swords Adventures, but the one we played the most was Super Smash Bros Melee. It had an awesome selection of characters from all of the major Nintendo games, and was SO much fun to play. I would play that game so much, I really grew attached to it. A few years later, Super Smash Bros Brawl came out and I forgot about my bond with Melee. We lost it for a couple of years, until I uncovered it buried in my closet.

I was stoked, to say the least. I immediately ran upstairs to play that bad boy. Now I had to put the game in a couple of times, because it was a little scratched, but it soon worked, and I was ready to uncover old memories. We lost our old memory card, so we lost all of our characters, but I didn't mind, I was more than happy to get the all back. About a month passed and I had finally unlocked Mr. Game and Watch, and he turned out to be my favorite character in the game next to Roy. The next week it was a long weekend, and I was gonna spend it all beating up all the characters.

One day I was playing a normal round as Mario, and won, like usual, when all of the sudden I saw the screen saying 'a new foe has appeared' and what looked like a shadow of Mario, but a bit glitched out. I thought this was pretty weird, considering I had all of the characters, but it was probably just a hack my brother used, and I am always up for a new character, so I continued. The character looked exactly as it did in the new foe screen, a glitched out shadow of Mario, and its name was JACK.

The stage was really weird, with a grey background, one big white platform, and there was absolutely no noise. I got a little freaked at this, so I tried turning up my TV volume, but it was meant to be silent. I shot a fireball at JACK, and it hit him, but did no damage. Why would anyone make a hack where you cant even damage the foe? I tried shooting one again and again about 20 times, but it still never did any damage, so I decided to use a physical attack. I walk up to jack and hit a, and this is when I got freaked out. Mario body starting spazzing out, twisting and turning at different angles on the screen.

My palms started shaking a little when this happened and I was just thinking 'what the hell?' Mario spazzed out for about 2 minutes, and when he finished, he took 500 damage, and flew off the side of the screen, and I lost. I sat there wondering what the hell had just happened, and I didn't know if I wanted to continue, but I did decide to continue playing. When I hit A, my Wii powered off all on its own. I turned it back on, and played melee again. The first thing I noticed was that the title was complete gibberish, with random dashes and lines everywhere. I really didn't wanna continue with this, but my curiosity got the better of me, so I hit start.

The selection screen was the same was, but this time, it had sound. It was the Melee music, but played in reverse, slowed down, and again, every word was complete gibberish. I just went to versus, because I know where it was, and I got to character selection, it was terrifying. Every character was dead and rotting with so much blood and guts. Kirby had a chunk of his body missing, and had lost an eye. Fox had his one of his ears gone, and had a hole is his stomach. Marth had a good bit of his head gone, with his brains exposed, and a bloody stump where his arm was.

Every character was like this, but one was worse than the others, and that was Mario. Both of his arms were missing, and the top of his head was too. One of his eyes was gone, and the other one had a tear dripping out of it. There was a giant chunk of his body ripped off, and his intensiveness were spilling out. It was very graphic, and I puked a little, and almost cried. It was just terrible, and disgusting. It took me a while to get it together, and when I did, I chose Mario, and my foe was Donkey Kong. I picked a stage.

But right after I did that, the new foe screen popped up, and continued without me. I was fighting Jack again. It loaded the same stage, with Jack standing there ominously. I tried to pause, but it wouldn't work. I tried turning off the system, but it wouldn't work. Jack was haunting me. I tried to use any of my move, but Mario would just sob softly. Eventually Jack moved towards Mario, and attacked. Jack grew bigger and consumed Mario into his shadowy self. Mario was screaming for his dear life as he was getting consumed. I was terrified, this game was trying to drive me insane. Jack grew smaller and back to normal size. and started walking.

He wasn't walking left or right, he was waking towards the camera, and getting closer and closer. It was like a horror movie and I was dreading the moment he was right in front of the camera. In about 30 seconds, his shadow body was in front of the camera, then something completely unexpected happened, text showed up at the bottom of the screen, and in any Super Smash game, there has never ever been text. It was filled with the gibberish from earlier, and I would hit a to continue. It was 7 pages of that gibberish. but he soon actually said words, in the text and actually speaking. His voice sounded a bit like SHODAN from System Shock, but a little lower, and not frantically jumping tones.

He said, "Are you afraid?"

This was the most scared I ever was, the game just broke the fourth wall. Jack was talking to me, each of those words pierced into me. It went silent and then I heard a really loud static sound and like that the Wii shut off again. I sat there for about an hour crying and puking. I had never felt so scared of a game in my life, nonetheless a Wii game. I have not played Melee since, and don't hope ever playing it again. I need help, I start seeing Jack in random places, but only for a split second.

My parents think I should see a doctor about all this, so they signed me up. My sessions start next week, and I hope he can help me through this big phase. I lost a lot of my friends, have been failing school, and am feeling generally depressed. One day I may build up the courage to play it again, but for now, I will just stick to Mario Kart and Zelda.

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