Marsha's Hell

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Finn woke up in a cage. He looks around, it looks exactly like the one he was in before, like the one where he and Jake were before. The were bananas there, but these bananas looked different. Finn picked one up and held it to a light. There were blood stains all over it. Finn turned to the cage door. It was wide open. “What the-?” Finn asked himself as he walked out the door. In the dungeon, he saw nothing but dead demon bodies. And, of course, they didn’t die peacefully. All of them died in gruesome ways; one had it’s heart pulled out and ripped apart. Another’s stomach and lungs were poking out and it was decapitated. Another one’s hands were even missing!

Finn walked into the Nightosphere opening. There wasn’t a living demon in sight. It was quiet and peaceful, yet quite chaotic. “What is going on?” Finn asked himself. “And where’s Jake?” As Finn continued on, he saw no one. He didn’t see Marsha. He didn’t see Marceline or Jake. And he especially didn’t see Hunson Abadeer, the lord of evil and Marsha and Marceline’s father. He finally came across Hunson’s castle. As Finn entered he heard a distant “clip clop. Clip clop.” It actually sounded like four hooves trotting on the rocky ground...

“Marsha!” Finn called, hopeful once again. But his hope faded as a demonic laugh came from the distance. Finn then began running, he didn’t know where. I need to get out of here. Finn thought. Someone is gonna get me if I don’t. As Finn ran, the clipping and clopping got louder and faster, louder and faster. Finn panicked, he started running faster and faster, as fast as his legs could take him. He needed to get out, fast. Where was Marsha?

As Finn was distracted by thinking, he tripped over a large object. Scratch that, he tripped over three objects. Finn looked back at the objects. Two appeared mostly black while one was a bright yellow.

Finn got closer and could see them better now, they looked like bodies. Finn then realized what they were. Finn bent down to one of them and parted it’s hair, he came face with Marceline’s dead and fearful face.

Oh no! Finn feared. The monster got Marceline, Hunson Abadeer and Jake! It probably got Marsha, too!Suddenly, the clipping and clopping that was once distant was much louder, it sounded like it was coming from the other room. Finn covered his eyes and waited for the monster to see him. But at that time, the sound stopped. Finn opened his eyes and saw Marsha on the other side of the room in very dim lighting.

“Marsha! You’re okay! You made it past the monster. Where is it?” Marsha only grinned, her teeth were pearl white but seemed more red than usual. She stepped more closer, she came in more bright lighting and she was more able to see.

She was in her light brown demon form, but she was covered in dried blood. Her eyes weren’t a soothing brown. They were a deadly red. As she came forth, her hooves made a “clip clop”. Her wings were doused in dried blood and her tail was wrapped in small intestines. Finn backed away as she came closer. “Marsha, are you okay?”

Marsha finally spoke. “Tsk Tsk Tsk. You were too slow to save these poor souls, now weren’t you?” Her voice was odd. In fact, she didn’t sound like a GIRL. She has a low demonic voice, making her sound like a boy.

Finn backed off, Marsha speeded to the back of him. “Oh and Finn? WELCOME TO HELL...” Finn turned around and tried to run, but Marsha lunged at him before he could. That was the end of Finn the Human.


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