Experiment 84-B

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Many say I am evil, but I am not.

Many say I am different, but I am not.

Many say I am insane, but I am not.

I am lonely. I walk alone, with no one to comfort me, no one to love me.

I used to be normal, like you.

Funny, I always hated being part of the "normal" crowd. You should appreciate what you have. You should pray that you never have to feel what I feel.

Hate. Depression. Abandonment. Betrayal.

You all have lives. You have hope. I lost these things to a madman.

He is the one who is truly evil! NOT ME!

He stole my life, my hope, my everything!

He left me to rot, after his damned experiment!

He welcomed me, with open arms. He promised me a whole new life. One better than that which I lived. He LIED!

He stole everything from me! I still remember the day...

I was a strong boy, fresh out of high school. The sun was shining, but I was loathing. I felt like everyone I saw was staring me down, judging me! And they were, oh how they were...

My walk home from the final day from school was its usual hell. Kids would ride by in their cars and yell "FAG!" and "DOUCHE!" I simply had to take it, or did I?

A thought dawned on me: these kids are slowly killing me anyway, why not make it quick and painless? I was blinded by grief. If I had known then what I know now, then I would have never taken that rope from my basement.

But where to do it? Not at my house. I hated my mom, but not enough to shatter her mentally. I picked an alley near the outskirts of town. I was halfway through wrapping it around a lightpost when he skulked into the alley.

"Young man, what are you doing?"

"Ending it!"

"Are you insane? Come, come with me. I believe I can help you."

"Help me? You're off your rocker, old man. Leave me to die in peace!"

"Now, I can't do that!" He grabbed my arm. "Come."

When I struggled, he pulled harder. I fell and he caught me. He quickly dragged me inside and bolted the door behind us.

"Young man, I think I can help you. I know how you're feeling. Simply listen to me."

"Damn you! Fine, but hurry!"

"A life is a precious thing, but what would you say if I could give you a new one, for free?"

"I'd say, 'Where the fuck do I sign?'"

"Good. I've been doing human anatomy research, and after a few experiments I think I have mastered manipulation of the human form. I believe I can make you into anything, or anyone, you want. Of course, there are circumstances."

"Like what?"

He pulled out a sheet of paper. "Well, first off, sign here."

"What if I don't want to?"

"Well, in that lies the second circumstance... you don't have a choice."


"You heard me, my dear fellow." He pulled out a syringe filled with a green liquid. "Now hold still!"

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