Självmord (aka The Scariest Cartoon Ever)

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Sometime in 2010, a friend and I were looking up creepy videos on Youtube and one of the ones we came across was this video titled Sjävmord. The image showed a white ghostface looking character with blood running down its eyes.

The cartoon was pretty disturbing but the most disturbing fact about it was it occasionally flashed to photos of actual dead bodies while weird crying noises went on in the background.

It begins with the title card in red text. We are then presented with a hellish desert setting including a blood red sky and we focus on two crudely drawn stick figure characters staring at each other. One is a dark tall figure with its mouth sewn shut and the other is a short white ghost like figure with eyes like black holes and no real detail. There is a long period of silence as they stare at each other with creepy moaning sounds in the background until it is interrupted by the ghost figure screaming and crying.

After a second or two it flashes to a photo of a man laying in the road with his intestines completely exposed. Then we cut back to the ghost figure crying blood from its eyes. Then we cut to a photoshopped image of a man screaming then we cut back to the figure, then it cuts to a photo of a girl with the side of her face busted open with her eyeball hanging out.

As the photos keep flashing back and forth with the figure, it seems to have more and more bloody tears running down its face. After the photos stop flashing, the figure begins drooling blood from its mouth then collapses to the ground, crying and banging its fist the the ground.

The other black figure just stares at the white one emotionlessly. Suddenly out of nowhere, black tentacles or whips come down from the sky and surround the two figures as if whipping them. When the whips go away, the white ghost figure turns black as it sits on the ground crying. After that, we cut to a landscape view of the desert with the two figures vanishing into thin air.


The cartoon was first uploaded on YouTube in October of 2010 by a girl from Sweden. If I remember correctly, her username had the word "zorboz" in it with some random numbers afterwards. The video was removed from YouTube for obvious reasons.

Despite how many people I hear talking about it I haven't seen in anywhere on the internet since then. Thankfully my friend downloaded it before it was deleted from YouTube and we reuploaded it to vimeo under the title The Scariest Cartoon Ever. There is also a rumor going around that the girl who made the video hanged herself a few months after uploading it to YouTube. So far I haven't been able to find proof of it.

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