Something Creepy

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This is just something weird I'm basing off a dream...

I didn't consider myself open to these sort of things up until this happened a I thought the video for Man in the box was creepier then most movies and I wasn't scared of the strange or paranormal. I believed in ghost but I thought they were harmless. My girlfriend was more of the fraidy-cat she didn't like scary things at all but we agreed to rent this old house upstate even further away then when we left the city for school and a cheaper cost of living. The plan was she would get a transfer from her current store to one in the mall about 45 minutes away, I put myself though school on some inheritance so a I wouldn't need to work. I moved just two days earlier than she did I wonder now what would have happened if we moved in at the same time.

The move went really smoothly and I figured that was a good sign clear weather and traffic no problems unloading the van, after i got settled and was tired from unpacking I brought a box of stuff up to the master bedroom and laid down it didn't take long to fall asleep. I'm not sure how much time had past when I woke up but it was still really dark and warm out. This could have been my first mistake, I got up to check if the window was open all the way. Without paying much attention to what was in the back yard I jerked the window open a couple of inches still it wouldn't budge anymore.

At that point I glanced into yard the it was empty and mostly dark except for bright moonlight and a glow from in the trees from my neighbors house, could have sworn I saw what looked like a really gaunt horse by the edge of the yard right before the woods started as my eyes moved to the left I could just make a out a man standing next to it neither were moving and there was not a sound to be heard.

I reached down a put my glasses on then the whole yard became much clearer I wasn't expecting to see them but there they were a figure and his horse, I looked directly out at them and now I began to become nervous this horse was almost skeletal and the man next to it was seemed to be staring into the window. I couldn't see much but I could tell it was looking at me then it began to walk rather slowly backwards into the woods his horse did the same. This was probably my second mistake I called out the window "HEY" but before I could say whose there he was gone. I closed the window and pulled a hunting knife out of the drawer under the windowsill and thought I'm getting the rifle and going down there I'll be god damed if I'm going to robed by an asshole with a horse to get away on. As soon as turned around I dropped the knife and felt unreasonable fear come over me. It was in my house, in my room, him and his horse, both of them staring me down with vacant cold eyes.

I vaguely remember hitting the ground and when I woke the next morning I searched the whole house with a my rifle and didn't find a thing. I never told my girlfriend and nothing has ever happened since but I cant sleep much at night anymore. I guess we're moving again soon.

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