The Shadow Dog

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OK, you may not believe this but it really did happen:

I was at my house with my best friend playing a Nerf game in my backyard for hours.

We were shooting each other and we had points to buy stuff like new guns and weapons.

Later we were in my yard until it got late playing the Nerf game, and then he saw a shadow.

Right after he saw the shadow I saw it , so we both went in my house frightened by "the shadow."

We told my parents what we saw, but they didn't believe us. We were both scared, so my dad turned on the lights and went outside. We all looked around and then I saw a rabbit and I said, the rabbit was what was probably what we saw, so we went inside.

About 5 minutes later the doorbell rang. It was my friend's parents saying he had to go home because it was late.

Right after my friend left I had to go to bed because it was 8:30 PM, so I went to bed.

An hour or two after I fell asleep I heard a crash. I woke up as fast as I could with my my heartbeat racing.

I went downstairs to see what happened but strangely my parents were nowhere to be found. I checked my parents room to see if they were there. They weren't there. I was so scared. I ran to the basement door, but I noticed it was unlocked. I knew I locked the door before I went to bed...

I ran down the stairs and what I saw I'll NEVER forget. There was blood everywhere then I saw two skeletons. Human skeletons! The door behind me closed and locked! I screamed! I saw a shadow appear out nowhere! Soon after I realized it was the shadow from earlier! It charged at me and knocked me to the ground. I realized the shadow was a shadow of a dog!

The shadow started to bite me! It soon after started to tear flesh off of my arm! Blood was pouring down my arm so, I screamed! I hit the shadow dog and knocked it over. I ran to a weapon I could use to kill or hurt the dog. I found a baseball bat and I hit the dog with it. The dog fell over dead. It wasn't bleeding normal blood, it was bleeding dark purple blood. I ran upstairs and hit the door with the bat. Surprisingly it broke on the first hit. I went straight to the phone and dialed 911. The police didn't believe me but they came anyways.

They didn't see the dog and they said I was crazy, so they said someone broke in and killed my parents. I am not crazy at all. Later I looked up the shadow dog on Google. I found 1 good result of the dog. It said the dog traveled in packs of 5 to 6 like wolves and always killed their prey.

Later that night I heard strange barking and scratching on my front door. I went downstairs and looked outside. Their was 5 shadow dogs, and right there the door broke open...

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