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I have known the idea who made this file. I'm only telling you about my experiences with this file.

It was a normal day; everything was average, until I came across a file named rigby.avi. I'm the kind of guy who would want to see this kind of mysterious file, so I went to download it. That's when everything went downhill. When I clicked the video, there were a few errors before it started playing.

I thought this was weird, but I assumed my computer was having some video errors as usual. When the video played (finally), it initially showed Rigby with wide dark eyes (as seen in the episode of regular show "This is my Jam"). Everything was messed up and black and white (which was weird). Rigby was singing that song they made in the episode "This is my Jam", but it was a slower than normal. This went on for a while until it zoomed in on Rigby's face.

After that part, it showed some sort of Japanese writing or something. I couldn't read what it said, but I'm sure it said something morbid and weird... After a couple of days, I started having nightmares of Rigby chanting those damned words over and over. I'm never going to look for weird files on the internet.

Or will I?

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