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~Don't let me drown~ BEN Drowned x Reader [COMPLETED] by Blodig
~Don't let me drown~ BEN Drowned x...by Blodig
(Y/n) went swimming one day after a long day at school. She had always wondered what it was like to swim on a spring day without anything but her bathing suit and a few...
  • eyelessjack
  • slenderman
  • ben
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Hacked for Love (Ben Drowned Romance) by Demon_Spirit1
Hacked for Love (Ben Drowned Roman...by Demon_Spirit1
Chasity is a gamer with a dad that isn't around a lot and an abusive step-mom. She gets hacked one day on her computer and she is taken to the Cleverbot website. She swe...
  • love
  • drowned
  • creepy
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My Imperfect (Various!Creepypastas x Reader) by ATwistedFate
My Imperfect (Various!Creepypastas...by ATwistedFate
This is a 'select your fate' kind of story. You will read through the common route, and then choose which guy you want to go after. I will be building up this story for...
  • sally
  • jane
  • hoodie
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The monster inside me (Ben Drowned x Reader book 1) by toxicblaze
The monster inside me (Ben Drowned...by Meadow Palmer
You were on your way home from school. Walking in silence as the rain pattered on the concrete. Your bag hung low and so did your head. None of this was your fault. Sure...
  • toby
  • hoodie
  • xreader
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Needed Technicalities. ( BEN Drowned X Reader ) by Krilli666
Needed Technicalities. ( BEN Drown...by Capitan Trashcan
(Y/N) (L/N) A big video game fan, or well a big hacker that has been hacking, well since forever and ever, but one day she hacks a place she was not supposed to hack.
  • sally
  • killer
  • wattpride
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{Please don't bîtch about why you're paired with a CP you don't like xc it's really annoying! Also this book isn't supposed to be taken seriously! ;3}
  • lj
  • cute
  • jtk
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by NovatheFox0001
Creepypasta Zodiacsby NovatheFox
There are so many of these, I know. I don't know if I will continue this, I started it because I'm REALLY bored. Hope you enjoy! BTW this is my first story and blah blah...
  • bendrowned
  • creepypastazodiacs
  • janethekiller
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Lost Marionette (Puppeteer x reader) by Darkdoll7
Lost Marionette (Puppeteer x reade...by Darkdoll7
You are a girl who loves the beauty of marionette dolls and love to dress in Lolita. But you are forced living at home with a drunk dad and a abusive stepmom, but what h...
  • eyeless
  • zalgo
  • jeff
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Creepypasta Scenarios by XXxxbreexxXX1
Creepypasta Scenariosby nomynom
:3 I thnk the title says it all. I do not own anything other then the scenarios
  • ben
  • bendrowned
  • masky
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BEN DROWNED, Eyeless Jack, Jeff The Killer X Reader [UNDER EDITING] by tiredpainter
BEN DROWNED, Eyeless Jack, Jeff Th...by :D
Here, You Can Choose Your Path. You Were Walking One Day With Your Big Husky. When He Started Barking, You See A Squirrel. Then, You Follow Your Dog Into The Woods But H...
  • picking
  • jeff
  • eyeless
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Creepypasta Zodiacs Pl by KarolinaSuperson
Creepypasta Zodiacs Plby Hitomi
Tak, wiem... Jest tego pełno na Wattpadzie, ale co mi tam ^^ #711 miejsce w LOSOWO (2.03.2017r) #309 w LOSOWO (6.04.17r) #286 w LOSOWO (8.04.17r) #276 w LOSOWO (26.0...
  • jeff
  • trenderman
  • pasta
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Creepypasta Origin stories by LadyMaryEvangeline
Creepypasta Origin storiesby Mary-Evangeline
Origins of several known Creepypasta characters. Includes Jeff the killer, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Ben drowned, ticci Toby, Homicidal Liu, Jane the killer, smile do...
  • eyeless
  • jane
  • drowned
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My Beloved Killer (Jeff The Killer fanfiction) by MyLittleHomestuck
My Beloved Killer (Jeff The Killer...by MyLittleHomestuck
Jasmine Price is a 17 year old girl, who lives in Denver, with her abusive parents. Jasmine only has two friends Cam and Rose. She goes through life everyday being bulli...
  • slenderman
  • jeffthekiller
  • creepypasta
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Creepypasta Boyfriend scenarios by xKittyCrunchx
Creepypasta Boyfriend scenariosby XKittyCrunchx
What happens when you come face to face with certain creepy pasta characters, knowing that they could kill you but decide not to. What happens when you become close with...
  • jeff
  • jack
  • eyeless
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§¥₩-Blood in the Water-₩¥§ BEN Drowned x Reader [COMPLETED] by Blodig
§¥₩-Blood in the Water-₩¥§ BEN Dro...by Blodig
Before you start this, this is a second book. If you would like to read the first one, its called "~Don't Let Me Drown~ BEN Drowned x Reader". I recommend to r...
  • gore
  • slenderman
  • sally
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She's Not Just For 100 Days (SNS #2) by micmicamics
She's Not Just For 100 Days (SNS #...by Micah
Celestine Kate Alvarez, a lady with a dark past. A perfect mess is how she describes herself. She is emotionally tired and Mentally drowned by her own thoughts. It's kil...
  • pretend
  • survived
  • lies
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (Fluff and Murder!) NEW PASTAS! by itsMeowOrNever
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (F...by Shyann Ross
♥After reading to the very end of a lovely collection of Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios, I am taking initiative to write my own! I have chosen Ticci Toby, Slenderman, J...
  • bendrowned
  • boyfriend
  • jeff
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Creepypasta girlfriend scenarios by katethecat123
Creepypasta girlfriend scenariosby katethecat
Which is your fave creepypasta girl Jane,Sally,clockwork, laughing Jill or drowned Hannah(story found in my account) UNDER SERIOS EDITING SO BARE WITH ME. SOME CHARACTE...
  • clockwork
  • hannah
  • drowned
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Your My Gaming Friend(BEN x reader) by Squishyisawesome
Your My Gaming Friend(BEN x reader)by Slender's Awesome Proxy
"He said that he'd never hurt me or my family but I had a feeling that he was lieing. That happened before he.......he turned into that monster." Meet _______...
  • creepypasta
  • fiction
  • drowned
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Blinded in October Leaves (Eyeless Jack x Reader) by voidpineapples
Blinded in October Leaves (Eyeless...by Pineapple_._._.fanta
"Cmon. Don't say you've never done this before." "No Jack, I've never wanted to kill my self by rolling off a hill." ........ As I came to a stop at...
  • ben
  • drowned
  • cameo
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