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Hey, sorry about any spelling or grammatical errors but I haven't slept in days. I am posting this now because... because I don't know how much time I have. I need to make sure no one ever becomes a victim to this...this thing again.

When I was about 5, my parents took me to Build-a-Bear Workshop for the very first time, followed my many other visits over the years. I am no wuss but I have always had a weakness for cute things. When my parents took me to Build-a-Bear, I had so much fun, and I looked through all the furry animals... but I was disappointed...You see, I never was fond of furry animals as much as reptiles, my favorite being a turtle. After looking through all the animal choices I found one bin at the very end that had rabbits in it but...there on the top, to my great excitement, was a turtle! The only one as well! I picked it and took it to be stuffed, went through the whole process, and named it ToBy.

However I accidentally hit the shift button making it ToBy but I didn't mind. My parents were low on cash so I could only pick one article of clothing for it and in the very same bin I found a plush turtle shell with straps on it and a zipper so things could be placed in it like a back pack. Needless to say, it went great with my turtle, so I bought it. We took it home and I played with it every day. After a while one of my friends Anthony had a really cool marble. I wanted it so badly but he wouldn’t trade. The next day I woke up to feel something in ToBy's shell. After unzipping it I found the very marble inside. I smiled and kept it assuming Anthony gave it to me discretely. Over the next few weeks other things I desired appeared in his back pack.

I can remember even once I wanted a new bike and I found a receipt in his pack for the very bike which I later found in my front yard. I used ToBy's powers well and enjoyed having my every desire being made reality. After a while Anthony and me started to fight a lot and we soon started to dislike each other. I wished he would get hurt to make him pay and I went to sleep...the next day I opened ToBy's pack (which had become my morning ritual) and found a napkin with some blood on it.

I freaked out and became worried, wondering when I had hurt myself and why I had put that in his shell... Then I overheard my mom talking to Anthony’s mom on the phone. She said Anthony had fallen down the stairs. I soon realized that the blood was Anthony's. I was upset, but in the back of my mind,  I was happy. After a while longer we got in more fights and I wished he would get hurt worse and sure enough the next day I found Anthony’s thumb in my pack. I wasn't even afraid since I knew what had happened.

I carried ToBy with me everywhere until one day Anthony beat me up on the playground and that night I cried to ToBy "I wish Anthony would just disappear!"...The next morning, Anthony was missing, and it in ToBy's pack was a photograph of Anthony passed out in a dessert with a shadow of what appeared to be my very own plushy ToBy looming over him... ToBy also had some sand on his feet... After that I put ToBy in a box and never asked him for anything again.

Many years passed and I was in my early twenties when another person started to bully me. I ignored it because I had another person on my mind, a girl, to be exact. I got a phone call from the girl I had a crush on and she asked me out on a date! When I arrived at her house I knocked on the door and the bully answered and he, his friends, even the girl, laughed and took pictures of my dumbfounded face. That night I went home and screamed and yelled in anger and wished they were dead... The next morning I noticed a large box in my room that I realized I never unpacked when I moved.

I opened it and to my horror I found inside ToBy covered in blood next to a bloody knife. I was shaking and I carefully opened his pack and almost vomited. Inside were 5 eyeballs and I recognized them as those of the girl and the bully and his friends. I freaked out and threw ToBy into the near by lake hoping to be rid of him forever and just as I turned I said quietly "I wish I were dead". I froze solid, realizing my mistake, as I heard a splash. I turned to see ToBy on the shore laying there like I had just left him there I turned and ran away and when I looked back he was standing there staring at me and I booked it home.


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I decided to pack the essentials and leave and never return, hoping I could lose ToBy. It has been 4 months and every where I go I find him there soon after I arrive... I fear I may not last longer... I had to tell someone so I’m telling you... All of you... Just please... Be careful what you wish for... If you see this turtle, please, I beg of you, burn it, kill it, wish for it to kill its self. I may have found a way to trap it though. Tomorrow I will go and set it up. Soon i will be rid of this abomination, and then I will be frijo5yihjoGHP3UHRGWlhjk;oijKLUhk;uh;uhrglkrajent;io490u8tjfij'fk',  hlisadfl.jhbglsda n.;huwfw413648564dsf38RSGT48



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