Amy's Show

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Last year I moved into a new house, one of those really small 5-room houses.  It’s pretty nice for its size, I guess.  It’s in a gothic style, made of oak wood, I think.  The building itself is a little…off, but I don’t know how to describe it. The previous owners left in a hurry; according to the landlady. Something about their kid, I think. They did leave behind a few things, however. The most noticeable being their computer.   A few days after moving in, I was doing my laundry when I ran out of dryer sheets, hoping that they left some behind, I checked the laundry room.  No luck. I did find something else though…something I wish I just left alone in the first place. It was a cardboard box, labeled “Amy’s Show” in Sharpie. Curious, I took it down and looked inside. Lots of CD’s, all labeled “Episode 1”, “Episode 2” and so on; by this time, I was quite enthralled to these and moved the box to my DVD player.  I put the episode 1 CD in, and it played. There was an intro, some catchy pop song playing. “AMY’S SHOW” showed up in comic sans, bright pink against a purple background. Jesus Christ, what an eyesore. The intro faded, and it faded back in, to a very pretty girl, about...say 10, maybe 11. She introduced herself to the camera, and said what her show was about. It’s pretty much a journal, but with extra tidbits, like cooking recipes and how to dance, 11-year-old girl stuff like that. She talked about her day, and the show ended.

I put in episode 2; she talked about her day once more, but showed the viewer how to cook brownies. This went on for a while, until episode 5….I should have stopped there, but I was drawn in. She was talking about her day, like normal, but in the background, outside the window, there was a figure about 100 feet from the window.  At first I thought it was her dad, but…he just stood there, motionless. Not signs of even breathing. You couldn’t tell what it was from the time of day and camera quality, but it was there. The episode ended abruptly, weird. Surprisingly, she must have not seen it, because there was an episode 6.  I put it in, and this time she looked a little on edge, and talked about the figure she saw while editing. She kept looking out the window, and it wasn’t there. Again, the episode ended abruptly. 

There was one more disk.

Episode 7.

I put it in, and this time she was by her closet, not the window. She said that her parents had called the police, and the man was still on the loose. She talked about her school day, her friends, and her new cat. Things were looking up for her, I admit, I smiled a bit. The closet door slid open a bit. What the fuck? It slid open more, and a long arm slid out, it was extremely pale, the fingers longer than any humans, and the fucking fingernails…inhuman. The hand outstretched towards the girl, like a snake slithering towards its prey. The hand grabbed the girl, and the episode ended. I gave the CD’s to the police an hour after watching them and life returned to normal for a while. But last week, I received a box in the mail. I took it inside, and opened it, inside was the pale, lifeless head of the girl, and a note next to it, reading “I’LL SEE YOU SOON”

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